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Abbreviated Torma Offering and Request for Activity of Powerful Tsen Go Kache Marpo called Sport of the Slaughterer by Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang

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Abbreviated Torma Offering and Request for Activity of Powerful Tsen Go Kache Marpo called Sport of the Slaughterer by Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang

HUNG MAR NAG TRAG TSO RAB TRUG TSEN GYI YUL Hung From the stirred-up ocean of dark red blood. Land of Tsen TO TSEG ZAMG DRAG MAR PO ZHEL YE NE From the mansion of the high rising copper red mountain DORJE SHUGDEN KA DO LE KEN CHE The great agent attendant of Dorje Shugden TSEN GO KA CHE MAR PO DA TSUR JON Tsen Go Kache Marpo, come now hither! NGAM JI WAN'G DRAG ROL PAY PO DRANG U In center of a palace emanated from awesome power and wrath RAB MAR TZU TRUL SHUG DEN TA CHOG TENG

On the red supreme horse endowed with magical strength JIG RUNG PAWO ROL PAY GAR GU YI With whatever emanation, O fearsome hero NEL JOR TRIN LE DRUB CHT8 TEN PAR ZHUG In order to perform the yogi's activity, remain stably here! HLA MI ZA CHA TUNG WA GYA TSO DANG An ocean of food and drink of humans and gods and DRA GEG DREL WAY SHA TRAG TOR MAY TSOG Amassed torma of slain enemies & obstructers flesh and blood ZAG ME DU TSI NGO KOR JIN LAB NE Blessed into the nature of undefiled nectar


I offer to the great wild Tsen and retinue. NYER CHO DO YON TA SHI TZE TAG GYE Desirable 'close1 offerings, 8 auspicious substances and RIN CHEN NA DUN DORJE GO TRAB DANG symbols, Seven royal objects, vajra mail and armor, GYEN GO ZHON PA CHEN ZIG SOG CHAG SOG Ornaments, clothing, mounts & favored visual animal offering* CHI NANG DAM TZE MA TSANG ME PA NAM Outer and Inner samaya substances lacking in nothing TING TZIN NGAG GYE DO GUR JIN LAB PA Made desirable through blessing

with samadhi, mantra & mudra RUN ZANG NAM KA TZ5 KYI RANG ZHIN Dl This, with nature of the Samantabhadra sky treasure, ZHE LA NYAM CHAG MA LU SO PA DANG Accept and restore degenerated samaya without exception TUG DAM NYEN PO YONG SU KONG WAR TZO And be wholly fulfilled in your stern heart commitment! TEN DRA DAM NYAM

DUL LA CHE WAY TOB Of great power to subdue the Teachings' enemies and vow MI ZE KA DANG NYAM PAY DRAG SHUL CHEN breakers, With terrible wrath, inexhaustible as the sky, TRO TUM TSEN GYI GYEL PO KA CHE MAR Fierce King of Tsen, Kache Mar NEL JOR DRA HLA CHEN PO KYO LA TO Great enemy destroying protector, praise to you! 13 NGON TSE RIG TZIN TSA GYO LAMA YI Formerly those Vidyadharas, the root and lineage Gurus PA DA KA DORJEY RI MO TSUG TU KO Placed the drawing of the

insurmountable vajra to your crown DU TSI RO CHOG CHF. LA ZHAG NE NI And placed the supreme taste of nectar on your tongue DAM TSIG NYEN PO DRAG PA GONG TZO LA Remember the stern commitment they proclaimed and TUB TEN JE WAY YANG NYING TSONG KA PAY Spread in 10 directions the teaching and practice of the LUG ZANG SHE

DANG DRUB PE CHOG CHUR GYE excellent system. Of Tsong Khapa, quintessence of millions TEN TZIN DAM PAY TSOG NAM ZHAB TEN CHING of Buddha's Teachings, Ensure long life of the hosts of ZHE GONG PEN DEY NY1MG FOR MIN PAR TZO sublime sustainers of the teachings, And ripen the essence of their intended benefit and bliss! GE

DUN DE NAM TUG TUN TRIM TSANG ZHING Cause the Sangha communities to be harmonious and of pure CHO JOR DO GU YAK GYE TSO TAR PEL moral discipline. And Dharma, endowments & desirables to NE TSON MU GEY MING YANG MI DRAG PAS flourish like the summer ocean, Without even the words YUL KAM TA SHI DE KYI DEN PAR TZO sickness, weapons or famine, And the land to be endowed with happiness & auspiciousness! TEN DANG TEN TZIN YON CHO GON NE LA On all enemies and obstructers with poisonous hateful winds

14 DANG ZING DUG PAY SEM CHANG DRA GEG RUN Toward the Teachings, its Holders, sponsors, sponsored and TU TOB DORJEY TSON CHAR BUM PAB TE this monastic abode. Rain down a hundred thousand powerful JE SHUL ME PAR TEL WAY DUL DU LOG vajra weapons, & Grind them to atoms of dust without trace! KYE PAR DAG CHAG NAM KYI DU RUN TU Especially since we, at all times, rely on you. KYO TEN KYO DRUB KYO SOL KYO CHO NA Practice you, request you and make offerings to you, TSEN NE BO TSE TSEN GO NYEN MA SA When we call you by name. Wild Tsen, don't harden your ears YAB PAY TSE NA DRA HLA CHEN MA TUL When we beckon you don't be unclear of sight!

DRA LA BE TSE TSEN TA BANG MA BUL When set on an enemy, Tsen, don't slow your horse! LE LA KOL TSE TU DANG TSEL MA SHEN When exhorted to action don't be weak in power and might! GYE PAY ZHEL T6N DRUB PAY TAG CHUNG SHIG Show smiling face and give rise to signs of accomplishment! DANG WAY DRA SO NO PAY DON GEG TUL Kill hateful enemies, subdue harmful spirits and obstructer NE TSON TU JE KA ME LENG ZHI SOG Dispel without exception undesirable bad conditions and MI DO KYEN NGEN BAR CHE MA LU SOL obstacles, Such as sickness, weapons, spells and unpleasant

TSE DANG PEL KYE MYKN PAY DRAG PA DROG conversation, Generate life, qlory, proclaim good reputation MI NOR CHUG PEL CHI DO RE WA KONG Cause our people, wealth & livestock to flourish, fulfill our every hope! DOR NA ZHI LAM JE SUM TAK CHE DU In short, in all places, paths or activities DREL ME LU DANG DRIB MA ZHIN DROG TE Accompany us, never parted, like a body and its shadow NYIN TSEN DU DRUG SUNG KYOB MI YEL WAR Protect through the six periods of day & night unwaveringly CHOL

WAY LE KUN NYOR DU DRUB PAR TZO And swiftly accomplish our desired enlightening activities! This prayer offering may be combined with the extensive 'kangso' of Dorje Shugden as follows: After the seven limbed prayer on page 19 (my translation) recite Kache Marpo up to the confession. After the confession, page 21,

recite the confession. After the kangwa's, page 38, recite the kangwa, and before the despatchment, page 42, offer the torma to Kache Marpo, After the praise, page 61, add the praise. The offering and request by Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang may be recited after the propitiation ending on page 69 or as a separate practice by itself.