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After the River Chariot Rotation Starts, You Begin to Near the First Dhyana

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After the River Chariot rotation is established, after many rotations the body’s chi does change.
Let it circulate, circulate, circulate.

Crack the bones, invert the organs, extrude out the dirty chi and push it out of the body.
Do this over and over again if you are following tantra,

Using all your skill and concentration to keep the central channel upwards circulation alive.
Previous was the furnace stage called “Heating.” This stage we can call “Cooking.”

The chi at the stage you reach is finally called “Glistening.” It softens and runs smooth, it’s not sticky like jing and its transparency has some shine.

If you practice very hard, maybe Golden Acalanatha will come pay you a visit!

The chi at the next stage you reach after the circulation has run quite some time is called “Noble.” It softens because most of the yin is gone.

Let me correct you here as an aside because the whole New Age crowd has got it wrong.

The chakras don’t spin. You only run chi around them in circles at the beginning of the path to try to loosen them up.

They are pumps. The chi runs through their center and they pump it, pushing it like peristalsis.

The most important chakras are the root, heart, throat and crown because they are on the sushumna, central channel which you need to open for samadhi and enlightenment.

After you establish the opening of the root chakra, you don’t have to worry about this chakra so much but must concentrate on either the heart or throat chakra, visualizing them as silver, to lead the chi from the root chakra outlet to the flower bud at the crown where the channels all intersect.

That’s the important thing.

Establish the sushumna to the crown!

Make it stand erect from the root chakra, through the heart and throat chakras to the crown nexus. You have to connect it that point where the tu-mai connects with the jen-mai at the crown chakra.

Thus the chi pushed upwards from below (the root chakra) will intersect with the circulation of the back and front channels, and it will follow the pushing of the tu-mai into the jen-mai circulation to get you to a higher stage.

Don’t worry about the left and right channels.

The important thing is to concentrate on making the crown chakra silver to draw the chi upwards to connect with it, or to make either the heart chakra silver or throat chakra silver to draw it up from the base, through their center, so that it gets to the crown.

The whole important thing is the central channel from the root chakra to the crown. We need this opened and erect if you want to attain dhyana.

Break the white bone chi that encases the new chi. You can use external force to crush the bones open, or mentally expand the chi from within (the higher method).

Or you can just leave things alone and in the fullness of time what needs to happen will happen, but I am speeding your path. Free yourself of the confines of the old skeleton.

Eject the bodies within the body, eject the living skeletons, and eject the free form elixir that responds to thoughts.

It’s just the discarded chi that no longer runs in the channels. Get rid of this garbage.

It’s not precious as the Tao school suggests. You want dhyana and not an immortal body.

Let the immortal body come later.

Push it out the soles of the feet, the toes, the fingers, the palms, the eyes, the ears, the penis, every orifice and external chakra point. If you get to this stage, you’ll know what to do.

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Invert your internal organs, open them up so that their chakras can pump out the unrefined chi from circulations ago.

Let the vines of channels with chakras be expelled from their central openings.

The prostate, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, heart, stomach and others – you can do it with all the organs, their coverings tear open, the old chakra stalks and petals and dirty chi pushes out.

Let it come out, this is old chi that hasn’t yet transformed and is stuck within these channels from several stages past.

Push all this garbage chi that’s still unrefined out the orifices. Offer it away.

I cannot stressOffering” enough. If you don’t offer you cannot succeed on the great road.

Chalk like chi, paste like chi, cement colored chi, white chi, milk chi, glossamer chi—so many types I cannot count. I cannot describe their consistency or their colors.

It doesn’t matter anyway since it’s always the same process. You are just “purifying the elements.”

That’s all Buddha would say to explain because he didn’t want you clinging, and he didn’t want you to need a master.
If you just follow his wisdom way instructions, you can do it all yourself.

Exit all this impure chi through the orifices but establish the sushumna upwards otherwise the chi from the root chakra will come out and fall forward, never proceeding through the heart chakra or throat chakra to the crown complex.

Make sure the crown bud stays silver to attract it upwards, because you can always lead the chi forwards by projecting a silver circle, globe, flame, star or anything like that in front of it.

It’s always attracted to it like a magnet.

When the chi collects in the form of a person, you can toss out this garbage that responds to thoughts at will. It can leave the bones, it can leave the body.

It is garbage and not the thing to cultivate.

The bodies within the body, that hug its shape like a copy – let them wiggle out the top as well.

Make sure you use the white skeleton method on the back shoulders and ribs to do so, for the shoulders are where it always gets stuck.

So many, so many transformations. Either I’m an idiot to tell you, or helping you a lot. One thing is for sure, this is what the religions are after. And yet when someone explains it, people yawn and want something else!

The chi at the next stage is called “Dazzling” or “Sparkling.” Because of the sparkle of the crown chakra (where all the channels meet) it is thus named. It softens, it nourishes. The Tathagata Vairocana advises – KEEP THE SPARKLE ALIVE.

Adjust your eating, adjust your habits, adjust your cultivation, concentrate on silverizing the heart or throat chakra where necessary, but do everything you must to Keep The Crown Chakra Silver Sparkle Flame Alive and the circulation going from below straight upwards.

This keeps the tu-mai and jen-mai circulations alive, as well as the central, left, and right channels.


You can look at free Hubble images of the bright points of galaxies and stars and project them on your chakra spots (establishing bright points) to help get them started through visualization.

The blue-silver picture of the star Spica is one such help.

You can look at images of Hindu temples that project upwards, imitating the crown chakra, to help you rise the chi.

You can steal a quick glance at the sun, and then project the memory of that bright silver circular image at the heart, crown or throat chakra to help you keep the fire going. These are all fine methods I’m giving you. Strive to do it, strive not to fail.

I’m really so kind to tell you these things. You cannot repay me in a hundred million years.

Remember the faults of the schools, and vow for complete and perfect Buddhahood.

The Taoists reach this stage because they want to cultivate the physical body to immortality, for that goal is within reach if you just keep cultivating the body this way.

Just open up the River Chariot and keep cultivating the body and you’ll have it.

But in Buddhism this is only transforming the physical body’s karmic chi into the Reward Body, a sambhogakaya or Enjoyment body.

It is one of the three bodies of a completely realized one – the dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya. What you must do is use this as a basis for cultivating dhyana.

At this stage of Dazzling you are near the first dhyana.

Bliss suffuses everywhere in the body because of the purity of the chi in its circulation, the body is enervated and joy and happiness is everywhere. But this is not high enough.

Let go of the sixth consciousness and the seventh and cultivate prajna wisdom to go higher.

Who is so stupid as to remain at the first dhyana and not want the complete objective?

The Taoists don’t wish to cultivate dhyana, and thus they don’t attain it.

The many stories, such as of Ancestor Lu, shows this to be the truth.

But some Buddhist masters don’t want to cultivate the sambhogakaya after they see the Tao either, and thus they don’t attain it as well but leave the world to cultivate elsewhere.

In the Esoteric School they strive to cultivate the impure and then pure illusory bodies after breaking through the skandhas, trying to use them to cultivate pure consciousness.

They don’t realize their method is not the right way, but is simply Brahmanism yoga in disguise, a method Padmasambhava taught who was not teaching the great Buddha’s way.

The religions of the world, the secret mystery schools and societies, yoga, kabbalah and all the rest.

They all want to know this. They all want to reach this.

It’s nothing secret, it’s just a process. All you need to do is cultivate just as I’ve explained.


I feel silly and awkward all the time because I have to tell you what’s important, what you should respect, what is rare, what is secret, or even the fact that you may not have the merit to receive these instructions.

It sounds like a crankety old schoolmarm, but really you don't know how rare tand precious this material is.

One time I simply and innocently lay a piece of paper with a mantra on the floor and my teacher screamed at me not to be so disrespectful to a mantra that could grant enlightenment.

So you don't know how strict the Esoteric schools are. Really you don't.

I feel like a man wearing a sock puppet on his hand.

I teach a lesson, and then makes the puppet speak the extra side comments and explanations because you don’t have the necessary background to know or appreciate or respect anything.

You may think it comes off as arrogance or haughtiness, but that's just your lack of knoweldge once again as you have no background in a culturte that respects the dharma.

Everything I tell you about the necessary respect for the dharma is the truth.

The dharma has to be transmitted and these interjected reminders are the only way to do it because my country’s cultural understanding is so very low.

It’s almost non-existent so I even have to explain the significance of what I tell you, or the fact you have to respect it.

You’re missing the background to appreciate and respect, and you're not even willing to put in the years of effort or the offerings required, so I even have to bow down and humiliate myself to tell you all that as well.

In this worldy world people die for the dharma, they give up life and kingdoms for the dharma.

The celestials beg Buddhas to teach even though they have every enjoyment and luxury at their thoughts wish.

People don’t understand how precious this information is, and how hard it is to attain these teachings or someone to guide you.

They are so spoiled by free information in this information age that they think these teachings have the equivalent value of everything else. Ridiculous people without any culture, background, education or training.

If you think you can get this elsewhere then go elsewhere.

I don’t want to deal at all with people who don’t respect the fine dharma I’m giving.

This is my own skillful means in the crazy circumstances of today’s “ten thousand voicesworld where everyone has an opinion, and usually useless one at that when it comes to cultviation.

Go listen to the Dalai Lama talk, or a Mormon bishop, or the Pope or someone else. See what I care.


Ignorant people don’t know the value of what begins to jump you out of the Three Realms and an endless cycle of misery and suffering as you reincarnate over and over through ups and downs.

Through aeons!

This religion, that religion, this race, that sect, this country, that nation, that sex, no path at all, some merit, no merit, rich, poor, ugly, handsome, average, crippled, sick, blind, hungry, diseased, hell bound, upwards again and then repeat. This world, that world, another one next ….

The orthodox religions paint a rosy picture of a final end but when merit is used up, karma pulls you down again.

Without the teachings in that next life, what are you going to do?

Another life wasted where you didn’t even make progress, and then again and again and again …

How can you ever escape? So kings have paid a ransom for the dharma, and you expect it all for nothing.

I'm just laughing at your naivety. Go read the stories of Milarepa, Marpa, Naropa and Tilopa and see what it costs. Go read them, they're on the web.

What is the solution? You cannot unite with the purity of consciousness within which this is all experienced.

You have to cultivate PAST MIND to get to the original nature, and that path involves the prajna transcendental wisdom of letting go when experiencing mind.

I’m only describing the stages of gong-fu transformation so you don’t get lost, and know what to do. But the real path is Mind-only.

What people don’t realize is that the religious saints and sages of ALL traditions go this route and pass through these changes. However, there are ways in which you can veer off the straight track.

Also, not everyone reaches the same levels of high attainment as well.

Just read the Bible and you’ll see a wide difference in the Samadhi attainments of the prophets.

What the religions don’t realize is that Shakyamuni Buddha, the enlightened one, was a great yogi who went through all these things as well but did NOT stop at the purity of the alaya consciousness, but went through it.

Consciousness no longer binds someone completely enlightened for they operate via prajna.

That attainment is rarely achieved, but since that time a few have been able to do it because he showed the way.

The religions are all lost as to what they think is the spiritual path, but Buddha explained the many facets you can follow clearly.

You don’t have to be a “Buddhist,” but you should respect what he had to say if you want to get very far rather than cling to the notions you were born into because of karma.

Up and down you’ll bob without a road of true spiritual cultivation to follow. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Jain, Jew, Moslem, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Confucian, Sufi, agnostic or whatever, this is the way of things.

No being can escape it. You are not immune just because you don’t believe it or weren’t told or believe in something else.

That’s just your lack of merit.

Don’t think your own school is so important because frankly you’re just plain lost with your misconceptions.

The public admires actors and singers (entertainers), presidents and kings, athletes, generals and rich men with money or power – Ozymandias all and names soon forgotten — but the Desire Realm celestials could care less as they are all lined up outside my door.

Guess who knows the worth? If I don’t tell you the value to help you make progress, who will?

But as to the secret merits you can now perform at this low stage, you are not worthy to hear.

Anyway, the gong-fu I've described takes you to the stage of initially cultivating jing to chi, just near to attaining the first dhyana.