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Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre of Great Joy

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Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre of Great Joy

Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre of Great Joy

Tradition/Linage Tibetan, Gelug
Main School Vajrayana
Founded Founded(when)::1978
Teacher(s) BUORG-Names::Names::Therese Bottomley
Contact Infotmation
Address 27 Haywood Street
Victoria 3193
Country Australia
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Phone Phone::03 9589 1838
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Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre of Great Joy

The Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre offers classes at all levels – from beginners, right through to advanced teachings. Weekly introduction classes focus on fundamental basic Buddhist philosophy together with relevant meditation techniques based on the vast teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. Regular attendance to these weekly classes may then create opportunities to other classes that extend to more advanced practices. Some of these advanced practices include the highest yoga tantric class of Vajrayogini and Yamantaka. Following the Tibetan tradition, lively discussions and debates are encouraged – all in good humour ! The Centre is located in a south east suburb of Melbourne and the many enthusiastic and friendly students who attend help to create a unique and personal atmosphere.


About the Center

The Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre began its roots in 1978 when Therese taught very basic philosophy and meditation at her home in Beaumaris. At that time it was just a gathering of friends with a common interest in the exploration and development of spiritual knowledge and awakening.

Therese, brought up as a Catholic and taught by nuns, left the Church at the age of 18 years and started seeking to find some purpose and meaning to life – always enquiring to fulfill an inner spiritual vacuum.

Her journey took her to seek out Masters who taught her Yoga, Tai-Chi, Taoism, including Sufism, and these studies marked the beginning of spiritual interest in Eastern Philosophy.

The classes that Therese conducted in her own home were a mixture of alternative philosophies and religions. Monthly meetings with lively discussion on “the meaning of life” followed efforts to master meditation. A great deal of enthusiasm was expressed during these meetings including friendly debate.

The word somehow spread and before long the classes gradually increased in numbers and the spare room adjoining the private home was soon converted to a meditation room.

The major turning point in her spiritual journey was when Therese attended the first teachings given by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in 1982 at Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne. A private interview followed with His Holiness which had such an impact on her, that Therese knew, at last, she had found what she had been searching for all her life. His Holiness’s wisdom, compassion and strength shone so much during his teachings and in the interview that followed, that Therese immediately knew she had come home and was eager to learn more of what His Holiness represented.

Her journey thus began when she attended classes at the Tibetan Buddhist Society in Balaclava given by the Ven.Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden and continued an in-depth study over many years when they moved to East Melbourne and later to their home in Yuroke.

Therese’s commitment to study and her passion to learn never wavered and gradually she was able to impart the depth and profoundness of Buddhism and meditation to ever increasing numbers in class. Alternative accommodation had to be found. In 1994 the Centre relocated to a new property in Beaumaris, where students could enjoy more comfortable and peaceful surroundings with a beautiful environment surrounded by trees and nature.


Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre of Great Joy