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Bodhikusuma - Buddhist & Meditation Centre

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Bodhikusuma - Buddhist & Meditation Centre

Bodhikusuma logo

Tradition/Linage Thai
Main School Theravada
Sub School Thai
Founded Founded(when)::2002/04/20
Founder(s) BUORG-Names::Names::Mrs Nina Yee
Contact Infotmation
Address Lvl 2, 203 - 209 Thomas Street
New South Wales 2000
Country Australia
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Phone Phone::(02) 9211 1188
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Postal Address PostalAddress::PO BOX 258, PostalAddress::Strawberry Hills, PostalAddress::NSW 2012


A Theravada Buddhist Meditation Centre

Bodhikusuma Buddhist and Meditation Centre is a non-profit organisation located in the heart of Sydney, Australia. The aim is to teach and practice Buddhist teachings and meditation and also to foster friendship and goodwill among Australian Buddhists. It is dedicated to tolerance and harmony with people of all religions. Bodhikusuma conducts regular Dhamma and Meditation classes, discussions,workshops and retreats. The centre also hosts meetings for auspicious occasions.

Bodhikusuma maintains the original Buddhist principles of offering Dhamma teachings. We would appreciate any kind of support and donation you may provide to us.

We welcome everyone who wishes to enhance their spiritual understanding,through learning about meditation and the Buddhist way of life, regardless of nationality or religious background. Services provided by the centre.

Regular Meditation Group

The centre offers a range of weekly evening meetings. Please check our events and activities for more details.

Courses on Buddhist and Meditation

Courses are usually held one night per week.

Public Talks

Guest speakers for public talks include renowned local and international Buddhist teachers both monastic and lay.

Special Events

The centre regularly hosts meetings for auspicious occasions.

A History of Bodhikusuma

Being a Theravada Buddhist living in Sydney and witnessing the fast growth and huge increase of Australians interested in Buddhism and Buddhist studies, Mrs Nina Yee in year 2002 came up with the idea to set up a Buddhist Meditation Centre in Sydney. She wished to found a functioning Theravada Buddhist centre where she hoped to provide facilities for Buddhist teachers and students, a place to learn and practice the teachings of the Buddha through classes, meditation sessions, workshops and talks.

The vision was to enhance spiritual understanding of the Buddhist way of life. The ancient wisdom of the Buddha is as applicable today as it was 2,500 years ago. The centre would be a place to worship and practice the essence of the Buddha's teachings, promoting loving-kindness, compassion, peace and enlightenment, qualities more appropriate now than ever before.

Theravada, the 'Doctrine of the Elders', is the name for the school of Buddhism that draws its scriptural inspiration from the Pali Canon, the Tripitaka. Scholars generally accept this as the oldest record of the Buddha's teachings. The Buddha himself called the religion he founded Dhamma-vinaya, 'the Teaching and Discipline', in reference to the two fundamental aspects of the system of ethical and spiritual training he taught. Today Theravada Buddhists number over 100 million worldwide. In recent decades Theravada has begun to take root in the West, primarily in Australia, Europe and USA. According to Theravada Buddhism, the Buddha did not teach to be worshiped as a god who rewards or controls. The Buddha's teachings are aimed at spiritual transformation for the benefit of oneself and all beings.

Having initiated the project, Mrs. Yee went to consult with Venerable Tan Chao Khun Phra Pannyavarabhorn, the Mahanayaka of Theravada Indonesia. He wholeheartedly supported the idea for the centre and gave the name 'Bodhikusuma Buddhist and Meditation Centre'. Bodhikusuma means 'flower of enlightenment' or 'flower of Awakening', a very auspicious name indeed.

The Hall

Dr. Robert Tan and Mrs. Laurine Tan, the elder sister of Mrs. Yee, was delighted with the idea of having another Buddhist centre in Sydney and immediately extended their full support by allowing her premises at Chippendale to be used as Bodhikusuma's initial location.

As a result of the hard work of Mrs.Yee and the encouragement and support of many others, on April 20th, 2002 the official inauguration of the centre took place. Many Venerable monks and distinguished guests were present for this auspicious day. The inauguration ceremony was honoured by H.E.Kitti Wasinondh, the Thai Consul General to Sydney and Mr Graeme Lyall, the President of Australian Buddhist Council, as the lay chair-people. The most Venerable Chaokhun Phra Vibunsilaporn (Samai Sukhasamiddho), the abbot of Wat Pa Buddharangsee, Leumeah presided as the head of the monastic Sangha.

A traditional Buddhist ceremony was performed by seven monks on this wonderful occasion. The foundation of Bodhikusuma would not have been possible without important advice and support from:

  1. Venerable Chaokhun Phra Vibunsilaporn, abbot of Wat Pa Buddharangsee, Australia;
  2. Venerable Chaokhun Phra Pannyavarabon, abbot of Mendut Vihara Indonesia;
  3. Venerable Bhante Mahinda, abbot of Aloka Monastery, Australia;
  4. Venerable Dr Sugandha, Thailand and
  5. Dr. Robert Tan and Mrs. Laurine Tan