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Buddhist Bliss Voice Mission of Australia

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Buddhist Bliss Voice Mission of Australia

World Jen Chen Buddhism

Tradition/Linage Chinese Jen Chen
Main School Mahayana
Sub School Chinese
Founded Founded(when)::1998/01/01
Founder(s) BUORG-Names::Names::Venerable Master Shen-Kai
Contact Infotmation
Address 20 Rupert St
Merrylands West
New South Wales 2160
Country Australia
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Phone Phone::(02) 9637 3172
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Postal Address PostalAddress::P.O. Box 101 Merrylands, PostalAddress::NSW 2160

Welcome to World Jen Chen Buddhism

Jen Chen is a phonetical translation from Mandarin, meaning Humanity Vehicle. The term ‘vehicle’ in Buddhism is analogous to a conveyance of deliverance for sentient beings. The Buddha taught Five Vehicles of Buddhism. World Jen Chen Buddhism is dedicated to the promotion of the Humanity Vehicle Buddhism. (The other four vehicles are Deva, Sravaka, Pratyeka-Buddha and Bodhisattva Vehicles.) As the name suggests, Jen Chen Buddhism is most relevant and most suited to humanity.

World Jen Chen Buddhism was founded by Venerable Master Shen-Kai and it aims to purify the human mind and promote a bliss culture for humanity.


  1. To practice the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha
  2. To generate the Bodhisattva spirit in words and deeds.
  3. To promote Jen Chen Buddhism
  4. To unfold the wisdom of humanity
  5. To promote a blissful culture for humanity
  6. To purify the mind of humanity
  7. To manifest compassion and loving-kindness
  8. To benefit society in deeds
  9. To help establish a pure world
  10. To advance world peace
  11. To create a beautiful world
  12. To cultivate supreme enlightenment

Venerable Shen-Kai

Venerable Shen-Kai

Venerable Shen-Kai was born in the year 1918 in Kui-Zhou, China. In his early years he studied many religions, but he was so inspired by what the Buddha taught that he decided to promote Buddhism and became ordained as a Buddhist monk.

Venerable Shen-Kai perceived that many people had difficulty understanding the Buddha’s teachings because they were often treated with mystery and complexity. As a result, they are apprehensive about it. Buddhism became neglected on one hand, or treated as a subject of academic research on the other. The general public could not attain the maximum benefit that Buddhism has to offer. In view of the situation, Venerable Shen-Kai felt that there is an urgent need to correct this misconception by presenting the Buddha’s teaching in a way that is easily acceptable to the people. Since the Supreme Enlightenment or Buddhahood is attained by cultivating from the human realm, Venerable Shen-Kai emphasizes that as human beings we need to embark on the Vehicle of Buddhism that is most suited for human beings if we are to be realistic about being enlightened ourselves. That vehicle is the Humanity Vehicle Buddhism. Thus, he founded World Jen Chen Buddhism.

The Venerable vows to return to this world life after life to promote Jen Chen Buddhism so that we can purify our mind, and create a bright and blissful life. In his effort to uphold the morality and dignity of humanity, he traveled widely to deliver Dharma talks in many countries He illustrates that the principles of Jen Chen Buddhism are compatible with the natural capacities of humanity and also fulfill the needs of the modern times. Through these efforts, the Venerable hopes that we all can benefit from the teachings, unfold our wisdom and follow the practices of all Bodhisattvas until we become Buddha ourselves.

As the teacher of World Jen Chen Buddhism, Venerable Shen Kai, encourages one and all to seek enlightenment, and to work in unison to guide every human being to emulate the Bodhisattvas, to be Bodhisattvas themselves, and to promote the Bodhisattva-Humanity Vehicle Buddhism to all sentient beings life after life.

Venerable Shen-Kai departed from this world on August 4, 1996 in California, USA. He left a legacy of books and publications on the teachings of Jen Chen Buddhism for humanity, dozens of Jen Chen Buddhism promotion missions and many disciples, both members of the Sangha and lay-Buddhists to continue to promote a Bliss Culture for humanity around the world.

The Voice of Bliss

By Venerable Master Shen-Kai


Venerable Master Shen-Kai’s teacher once asked him, "Which Buddha attained Buddhahood through reference and research? Which patriarch of Buddhism became a patriarch through reference and research?" None, of course, for they all attained enlightenment through cultivation.That experience awakened the Venerable to realize that being a Buddhist means learning, cultivating and putting into practice what the Buddha taught. This is the only way for us to benefit from the teachings of the Buddha.

In the years to come, Venerable Master Shen-Kai traveled extensively around the world to bring the teachings of the Humanity Vehicle Buddhism or Jen Chen Buddhism to the people, through his voluminous writings and his Dharma talks. He never failed to emphasize that learning and practicing Buddhism means putting into practice what the Buddha taught in our daily life. It is about developing the right understanding, the right views, the right practices, unfolding our wisdom, finding our Buddha-nature, and eventually becoming Buddha.

Venerable Master’s Dharma talks are characterized by the question-and-answer approach. He enlightens his audience by expressing the profound Dharma in a manner that it is easy to understand and learn, always relevant to the needs of our daily life, always full of wisdom and always inspiring. For this reason it is called the Voice of Bliss. Originally in Mandarin, the Voice of Bliss is being translated into English. Selected works are published here and will be updated regularly.