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China Tripitaka

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The Buddhist Tripitaka has many written forms and bloc Scriptures.

China Tripitaka. Tanjur (collated edition Vols. 1,2,7,8 and 10), China Tibetology Publishing House, Beijung, June 1994-December 1995. 1,491 pp, 1,505pp, 1,705 pp, 1,618 pp and 1,481 pp. Illus. 19 cm. ISBN 7-80057-128-9, ISBN 7-80057-215-3, IAVN 7-80057-235-8, ISBN 7-80057-237-4, and ISBN 7-80057-241-2. Hardcover. Collated by China Tibetan Studies Center, Tripitaka Collation Bureau.

k editions in many languages, such as Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian, Manchu and Xixia, and have no common names. In the 1980s, a new Chinese Tripitaka was published and takes China Tripitaka as its common name to reflect the Tripitaka is classified into Sutrapitaka, Vinayapitaka and Abhidarmapitaka. Tibetan Tripitaka can be divided into two parts: Kanjur and Tanjur. In Tanjur, about 220 chapters are mainly about Buddhism, including 20 chapters concerning other subjects, such as Hetuvidya (logic), Sabda (grammar and composition), astrology, rhetoric, lexicology, opera, medicine and technology. Therer are more than ten edition of Kanjur and four editions of Tanjur in Tibetan Language. China Tripitaka. Tanjur is based on the Dege edition, with reference to the Beijing, Natang and Droni editions.

Huang Xianming, tr and ed, A General Catalogue of the Tibetan-Chinese Tripitaka of Tibet, Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House, Xining, December 1993. 297 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0430-1. hardcover.

Compiled on the basis of the General Catalogue of the Tripitaka of Tibet in Japan(1934). Including 4, 569 volumes. With Chinese titles for each volume and arranged in Tibetan alphabetical order.

mTshe-nag-pa-shes-rab-bsanh-po, A Commentary on Vinayapitaka, China Tibetology Publishing House, Beijing, August 1993. 1,067 pp. 26 cm. ISBN 7-80057-081-9. Hardcover. Gems of Snowland Culture Series. Compiled by rDo-Rje-rgyal-po.

Vinayapitaka is an authoritative work on monastic disciplines. Nine volumes, totaling 2,700 parts. Annotated and explained profoundly and completely by a great early Tibetan scholar. Collated and published in accordance with a Lhasa block edition.

Thub-bstan-chos-gyi-grags-pa, Annotations to Bodhisdattva, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House, Chengdu, December 1992. 202 pp. 19 cm. ISBN 7-5409-0783-5.

Original book written by great scholar Asanga of ancient India. Three parts, mainly introducing methods of practicing Boddhisattva, studies on six Paramitas, and four scriptures of Mahayana. With an article by bSod-nams-lhun-grub on allusions to Bodhisattva attached as an appendix.

Maitreya, five Theories by Jampa, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House, Chengdu, December 1992. 283 pp. 19 cm. ISBN 7-5409-0830-0.

Published in accordance with the block edition of Tripitaka. Tanjur of Degde Printery, Sichuan.

Guang-thang-blo-gros-rgya-mthwo, A Commentary on Abhisamayalankara (two volumes), Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House, Xining, May 1992. 651 pp and 544 pp. Illus. 26 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0293-7. Hardcover. Gems of Snowland Encyclopedic Knowledge Series. Edited by Tibetan Buddhism Research Office of China Tibetan Language Family Advanced Buddhist College.

Prajnaparamita, Abhisamamayalankara is a very important work by Maitreya and Asanga and an elementary reading material of :irjna study. With many annotations both from India and Tibet. A meticulous work completed by Guang-thang-blo-gros-rgya-mthso(1851-1930) in 1926 in the later years of his life.

Maitreya, Detailed Annotations to Abhisamayalankara, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House, Chengdu, January 1994. 692 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5049-0874-2. Annotated by Yatra Sangyalpal.

Sentence-by sentence annotations by a sholar of the Sakya sect in the 14th century.

vJu-mi-pham-vjam-dbyangs-rnam-rgyal-rgya-mthso, A Detailed Commentary on Madhyamilkasastra, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House, Chengdu, May 1992. 563 pp. Illus. 19 cm. ISBN 7-5409-0519-0. Selected works by Celebrities in Kham Area Series. Original book by Santaraksita of ancient India, who came to tubo to spread buddhism in the eighth century, With a biography of vJu-mi-pham(1846-1912), by Yi-shes-rdo-rje-dge-led-rnam-rgyal.

Shi-ba-lha, A commentary on Nyaya-pravesa-taraka-sastra, qinghai Nationalities Publishing House, Xining, March 1995. 474 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0512-X. Annotated by Dharma Ringchen.

An authoritative commentary by a famous disciple (1364-1432) of tsongkhapa, and the latter's principal successor who was respectfully callue"Gyaltsabje."

vJu-mi-pham, Treasured Wisdom, Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House, Chengdu, October 1994. 579 pp. 19cm. ISBN 7-5409-1026-7. Selected works by Celebrities in Kham area Series.

Three academic papers on Buddhism by the author, a well-known scholar of the Nyingma Sect of Tibetan buddhism in the 19th century. Edited and published on the basis of a dege block edition.

Jigme Phuntso annot, A Commentary on Pancaskandhaka-sastra, gansu Nationalities Publishing House, Lanzhou, May 1992. 108 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5421-0065-3.

Original book written by Vasubandhu, an Indian buddhist scholar, in the fifth century, giving brief introductions to many Buddhist concepts.

Kache Polu, Tibetan Peopl's publishing House, Lhasa, June 1992. 35 pp. 18 cm. ISBN 7-223-00439-8.

Eleven chapters introducing, in a poetic style and a simple languagem the principle of obeying the cause-and-effect law and the principle of shunning evil and doing good.

A Collection of Hymns (second edition), Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House, Xining, September 1993. 355 pp. 14 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0401-8.

With some supplements to the first edition published in August 1989 and listed in the Catalogue of Chinese Publications in Tibetan Studies (1949-1991) published by the Foreign Languages Press in 1995.

Sequel to "A Collection of Hymns," Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House, Xining, July 1995. 395 pp. 14 cm. ISBN 7-5420-0528-6.

Seventeen artcles, including incantations and prayers theat Buddhists use in stheir daily life.

Kar-ma-chags-med, et al, A Colletion of Prayers and Hymns(two volumes), Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House, Chengdu, May 1994. 304 pp and 544 pp. Illus. 20 cm. ISBN 7-5409-0825-4.

Volume I: the text, with 62 articles on the vows and oaths to reborn in the Pure Land of Buddha Maitreya and Vol. II: seven articles of commentaries to the text.

She-chen. vJigs-med-pad-ma-rnam-rgyal, A Collection of Buddhist Stories of Buddhist Retribution, China Tibetology Publishing House, Beijing, October 1992. 832 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-80057-076-2. Edited by Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Compilation and Translation Bureau.

265 stories on the Buddhist ideas and thoughts of the immortality of the soul, Karma and samsara selected from "The Sutra on Wisdom and Foolishness (mDzangs-blun)," and the oher tibetan-language Buddhist scriptues. Appendix:"Lung-phran-sna-tshogs-kyi-dgongs-pa-gtan-la-phab -pa."

Nga-hri-lis Seng-je-shabs-drung-pa, et al, Selected Stories from "Tanjur" (I), Nationalities Pubishing House, Beijing, December 1993. 1, 031 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-105-01087-5. Collated by Xie Houfang.

Based on the jakata stories from Tanjur, containing the Thirty-four Jataka Stories by the ancient Indian Master rTa-dbyangs and the Jataka Stories by Master Seng-je-shabs-drung-pa. Based on a block on a block edition in Beijing.

Nationalities Publishing House, ed, A Tibetan-Chinese Tanjur, Classified Bictionary of Buddhist Terme Nationalities publishing House, Beijing, December 1992. 382 pp. 20 cm. ISBN 7-105-01511-X. hardcover.

Originally titled "A Collection of Terms for Transation" and included in "Tanjur" by the compilers of the Tibetan Tripitaka. 285 categories of terms with more than 9,000 entris. With two volumes of "Names of a Thousand Buddhas in the Stationary Kalpa" (un both Tibetan and Chinese) by the Third lCang-skya Hutuktu Rol-pavi-rdo-rje (1717-1786) attached as an appendix.