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Hongwanji Buddhist Mission of Australia

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Hongwanji Buddhist Mission of Australia
Tradition/Linage Japanese, Jodo Shinshu, Pure Land
Main School Mahayana
Sub School Japanese
Teacher(s) BUORG-Names::Names::Shigenobu Watanabe
Abbot(s) BUORG-Names::Names::Reverend Shigenobu Watanabe
Contact Infotmation
Address 31 Woodlands Road
New South Wales 2070
Country Australia
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Phone Phone::(02) 8901 4334, Phone::(04) 1239 6014
Fax Fa(02) 9438 5705::(02) 9438 5705
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Postal Address PostalAddress::PO Box 292 LINDFIELD NSW 2070

Hongwanji Buddhist Mission of Australia

We are Australians and Australian residents who have chosen the Way of the Buddha as the guide and inspiration for our lives. We come from all parts of Australia to gather at our Hondo to share the Buddha's teachings and to enjoy each others company. We are a small but family temple and love to welcome our friends and neighbours of whatever faith to join with us in peace.


Our Hongwanji tradition began 700 years ago during the life of the Founder of our lineage, Shinran. Shinran was a great and famous disciple of Buddha. The last Buddha to live on earth was Shakyamuni upon whose teaching all Buddhism today is based. Shakyamuni lived in India nearly 2,600 years ago and his teachings are alive and guiding people's lives today.

Our Mission is an affiliate of the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-Ha.With approximately 10,000 temples and 12,000,000 members it is one of the largest denominations in Japan. This form of Buddhism espouses the teaching of Jodo Shinshu (also known as Shin Buddhism or True Pure Land Buddhism) The Hongwanji tradition traces its beginning to Shinran Shonin (1173-1262), a priest of the Kamakura Period and a student of Honen Shonin, the founder of the Jodo sect.

Shinran systemized his teaching in the work entitled KYO GYO SHIN SHO. 'Kyo', the teaching, is the Larger Shukhavativyuha Sutra which Sakyamuni Buddha expounded as the teaching, the raison d'etre for his birth into this world. 'Gyo', the practice, is the Name of the Buddha, Namo Amida Butsu, elucidated within the Sutra and is the very essence for our deliverance into the Pure Land. 'Shin', the faith, is the single-hearted repose in the teaching wherein, through hearing, the Name is received unquestionably and without doubt. 'Sho', the attainment, is the Buddhahood that is attained with deliverance into the Pure Land through faith as its true cause.

Embodied within the Name are the totality of the Vows and Practices necessary for deliverance, and thus endowed it becomes the true cause for deliverance into the Pure Land. All utterances of the Name are but thanksgivings for this blessing.

We, who otherwise will be unable to attain perfection, are given faith by hearing the Name and are embraced and not forsaken by the Wisdom and Compassion of Amida Buddha, and thus are counted within the "ranks of the truly assured". Therefore does it behoove us to live virtuously and when that time shall have come, we shall receive the bliss of Buddhahood.

Shinjin-Faith is truly the single path by which all men may turn from illusion and attain birth in the Pure Land through the workings of the Name. Assuredly is the Name the life-essence for all.

We invite you to attend one of our scheduled Sunday Services.

Our Minister

Reverend Shigenobu Watanabe

Since August 2000, Reverend Shigenobu Watanabe has served as our minister.

Rev. Watanabe is married with four children. After completing studies in Japan and France he served for 10 years as a Minister in Canada. He now lives and works with Buddhist people in Australia.

He is available to everyone for counselling, weddings, memorial services and funerals.