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Javanese Mantrayana - Sang Hyang Kamahayanikan

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Im working on the draft translation of Sang Hyang Kamahayanikan Mantrayana into English, studying and research on the contents and commentaries of this ancient scripture that was inherited from the ancient empire of Mataram of Nusantara (Java, Sumatera & Malay penisula). This scripture was compiled by Javanese tantric master Venerable Mpu Shri Sambhara Surya Warama at about 929 - 947 CE from East Java during the Mataram Kingdom.

There are 42 Sanskrit verses, with a related commentary in elaborate old Javanese and regrouped under 11 subtopics and a conclusion. Ancient Nusantara was one of the Buddhist learning centre especially in Esoteric Buddhism (Vajrayana and Mahayana).

I hope to share the contents from the translated modern Indonesian into English upon completion, and hope to have various comments to ensure the meaning is as accurate as possible.

Sang Hyang Kamahayanikan Mantrayana (Verses 1 to 43)

Translated from Modern Indonesian of Kavi SHKM Commentary

Verse 1 – Source of Blessing Om Ah Hum “This is the explanation of Om Ah Hum as the blessed source to teach the three vajra aspects that are body, speech and mind.”

Verse 2 – Qualification of the Disciple “The Mahayana that I teach to you, is the Mantrayana, the supreme path of Mahayana in its name. This is what I will explain to you. Because you are the good being that can receive the teaching of Mantrayana with utmost speed.”

Verse 3 – Buddha from Three Period of Time “Buddhas from the past till infinite were Vipasyi, Viswabhu, Karucchanda, Kanakamuni and Kasyapa are their name. While the future Buddhas that will eventually reach Buddhahood are Maitreya and Samantabhadra, these two are the name of the future Buddhas. Sakyamuni Buddha is the present Buddha that we are following his teachings at this period. He made the effort to bring happiness to all sentient beings, free from sufferings and of the path to avoid this world from total annihilation.”

Verse 4 – Buddha from Three Period of Time “These are the Buddhas of three period, there are no other way to reach Buddhahood. With this Mahayana supreme path they attain nirvana. The persistence in keeping this Mantrayana results in acquiring various knowledge, as the root of reaching Buddhahood.”

Verse 5 – Buddha from Three Period of Time “Sakyamuni overcome all the resistance from Maras like kleshmara, skandhamara, mertyumara. They surrendered to him due to his concentration in the Mantrayana practise.”

Verse 6 – Sraddha (Devotion) “Thus, you shall not doubt this Mantrayana, persevere to appreciate this Mantrayana as you will achieve in all your things. Listen with attentive with whatever I teach not till you neglect my speeches. Raise your inner strength, remove your arrogant, ease your heart and do not hesitate.”

Verse 7 – Supreme Mahayana Path “ This Mahayana path as I will shown you, listen with attentive, right path towards heavenly realm and all the virtues. The virtues are adhyatmikasuka(inner bliss) purity, wealth, status, kingdom and become cakrawati. Adhyatmikasuka (inner bliss) means lokuttara (transcendental) bliss that beyond suffering, old age, sickness and death, till the bliss of Anuttarasamyaksambodhi (fully enlightenment), that is the bliss of moksha (liberation). That is the adyatmikasuka, kamahodayan will be achieved from the Mahayana path, when receiving Mantrayana, we will absolutely reach the Buddhahood. Reaching moksha originated from two development, that is Jnanasambhara (acquiring of wisdom) dan punyasambhara (acquiring of merits), and you will also receive respect and praise from the whole universe.”

Verse 8 – Supreme Mahayana Path “Just like the universe that is not stained, bright, no existence, not able to be drawn, not big, not small, not black, not white, spread all over the corner, that is the situation.”

Verse 9 – Supreme Mahayana Path “ There is no higher happiness than the supreme Mahayana path which is the deepest, non-measurable, unmistaken, free from all sadness and defilements like attachment, desire, greed, ignorance. All these will not stain you. As these has no permanent nature.”

Verse 10 – Supreme Mahayana Path “Neither the action nor the actor is the object. There are two truths. The true nature of object has smrthisatya (conventional truth) and paramarthasatya (ultimate truth). The reality is that it is neither smrthisatya nor paramarthasatya, that holiness is the Supreme Mahayana path towards heavenly realm. Thus, perseverance to understand in depth of the characteristics in the Mantrayana Mahayana. Om Vajradoka Om Ah Hum. This is the powerful oath.”

Verse 11 - Vajrodaka “ You are given the mind, what is Vajrodaka? Vajrodaka is not an ordinary water, it is the water from hell, the roots of suffering, destroying the whole family, when not keeping the samaya, doubting the Vajrayana. When you are attentive, not worrying and doubting the samaya, the path will lead you to the purpose. In conclusion, the poisonous water Vajrodaka that is ceased, will bring happiness and suffering. When you are not keeping it, you will meet suffering. When you are keeping it carefully, you will reach the objective, now or in time to come.”

Verse 12 – Rules in Teaching “Do not debate and teach the vajra, gantha and mudra to the people who has not seen the mandala, the secret shall be kept, do not teach to those who has not being explained of the teachings, do not debate till being teased by those who don’t believe your purpose and not motivated to receive the teaching from the Tathagathas, do not let this happened. If someone is against this supreme path, treat it as his suffering. Your mind shall not stray from the purity of the Vajrayana, remember of the benefits of the Samaya.”

Verse 13 - Samaya “The Samaya is the Vajrasatva that is in your mind, Vajrajnana is your mind, ease your mind.”

Verse 14 - VajrasattvaVajrasatva now is in your eyes, to open your eyes, thus you feel happiness, open up your eyes, see with your own eyes of the Mandala.”

Verse 15 – Seeing Mandala “See the Mandala, raise your confidence, do not disrespect the Mandala, now you are part of the Buddha family, moreover your name is the Buddha now, as you have the blessing of all the Tathagatas, blessing from various mantra.”

Verse 16 - Practise “Blissfulness will be attained by you, and all the blessing will be received by you, implement the Samaya immediately as to gain siddhi, make effort to practise mantra, japa and puja now, do not postpone it, till achieving Buddhahood in this or next moment.”

Verse 17 – Purification “All the defilements in your mind are removed by Vajradhara, just like the when one suffers from eye disease with poor vision, being cured by the expert and gain back the clear vision, till all the resistance removed. Thus, your defilements are removed completely by Vajradhara, you will have peace of mind and worry free.”

Verse 18 – Illusory in All Phenomena “Be alert of what you have seen, there is no difference with the image of yourself in the mirror that is not able to grab, because it is not in existence. Just like in any situation, because of the karma leads to existence of human being, however, it looks like real but actually it is not.”

Verse 19 -Illusory in All Phenomena “Be mindful of all the false attraction, not being ignorance by the non existence. Raise your wisdom, as you are named son of the Buddha. Do not neglect the beneficial acts and welfare to all.”

Verse 20 – Vajrasattva Residing in Your Heart “Ease your mind, Vajrasattva resides in your heart. Vajrasattva is the name, purity without defilements, purity since the beginning, no desire, hatred and ignorant, just like the Buddha. Its in your heart now, his existence leads the path to welfare and wisdom by you. Don’t worry.”

Verse 21 – Advice to Teach “Now you have meet the dharma cakra, spread it , turn the dharmacakra of Vajradhara to all sentient beings of all the ten directions, fill with dharma thoughts to all.”

Verse 22 – Confidence “Do not doubt , do not worry. Show that Mantrayana Mahayana.”

Verse 23 – Protection “When people like you being blessed by the Protector, do the puja on the Buddha Protector with diligent, you will be respected and shall be blissful as you will be protected from day and night. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you will be watched. You shall not worry as you will have the Protector Vajradharas as your life protector.”

Verse 24 – Abilities of Wisdom and Devotion “There is no task that is not fulfilled. No matter how large of the difficult task that was not able to be done by those reside in the heaven, human and pretas, you shall able to fulfilled the task. With your wisdom and confidence, fill with the five kamaguna (direct knowledges), all the wishes shall not be discriminated. Your mind shall not waver.”

Verse 25 – Boddhisattva Instruction “Like all the Bhatara, Sikasa, Boddhisattva and Mahasattva that follow the path of Mantrayana, the motivation is for the benefit of others, and not being stained by affliction(klesha), defilements (raga), aversion (dvesa) and ignorance (moha).”

Verse 26 – Denying the Samaya “There are people who hate the Samaya, jealous of Mantrayana and break the Samaya even after taking the initiation (upadesha). What will be the they get at the end? These people are considered the fake samaya and broken samaya allow you to discard them. You won’t be wronged by the Buddha as to protect the Buddha sasana and the purity of the samaya. This is the benefit of discarding those who break the samaya.”

Verse 27 – Cessation of Suffering “With the peace mind, after seeing your own Mandala name, enter the Supreme secret. Watch the Mandala with attentive, you have entered the Mandala with the secret teachings till the cessation of all suffering, disappearance like being cleaned and timeless. Peace with your mind and do not doubt.”

Verse 28 - Perseverance “What is your doubt towards Mantrayana, people like you shall not have doubt of the Path. With the perseverance performing in the Mantra, you are ensured of the benefits and not being disturbed by the Mara. Thus, you shall be at ease, do not hesitate and be diligent in performing the Mantra.”

Verse 29 – Keeping Samaya “Be careful of protecting the Samaya. Do not off guard and shall be kept secret. You shall know who you shall teach the Samaya. Do not discriminate their families, nature, behaviour and character. Diligently instil their faith towards the Mantra. This is the door towards the Secret path. Do not hesitate, do not teach partially of the Samaya to those noble beings as you are blessed by all the Tathagatas, permitted by the Protector of overseeing the Samaya. You are entitled to perfect the actions of the Tathagata.”

Verse 30 - Bodhicitta “You shall not abandon the Bodhicitta. As mentioned of Bodhicitta are the Vajra and Mudra. As these are the root Vajra and Mudra. You will become the Buddha in time to come, attained the fully enlightenment. In every aspect, be careful of the Vajra, Gantha and Mudra.”

Verse 31 – Receiving Dharma “Do not reject and abandon the teaching of Saddharma (true Dharma). People like you shall not abandon the Saddharma, as the consequences of it are without knowledge and foolishness. Thus, you shall not do it as it is forbidden for the Mantrayana and Mahayana followers as taught in the Sutras.”

Verse 32 – Self Control “Manage your body. Regulate your whole body. Do not attach to it, not being sickened by the nature. Do not let it be as it likes. Till your mind at peace in walking the path to enlightenment (Bodhimargga). Do not doubt, eventually will become the Buddha at the end of it.”

Verse 33 – Gratitude to Guru “You shall not abandon the Vajra, Gantha and Mudra. You shall bring them along wherever you come or go. Besides that, you shall not betray your Guru even once a while. Archarya cannot be belittled by the people. As you are not fast enough to do it, you are the same as all the Buddhas, just like the all the Tatagathas.”

Verse 34 – Gratitude to Guru “Those who belittled, insult and against the Guru shall enter to the Hell realm. Fall into the crater of King Yama and crushed to become Tamgraghomuka. That is the suffering for those who belittled the Guru.”

Verse 35 – Gratitude to Guru “Do not any how receiving Guru. Even though your Guru who seems to be not beneficial to you, you shall not belittle them. As those who disrespect the Guru will be suffering and miserable. Thus, be alert of your disappointment towards the Guru.”

Verse 36 – Performing Worship “Do not forget to perform the Samaya, and always perform the Tathagata-puja, follow by Guru devotion, ease the Guru because all Tathagata and Guru are the same as in name. You will receive the merits with speed.”

Verse 37 – Guru Devotion “As for the people like you, you shall perform Guru devotion. Perform food offering to the Guru as the accumulation of dana sambhara towards the Buddha. As the bridge of meeting punyasambhara (requisite of merits- Dharmasamgraha). After meeting punyasambhara, you will receive many benefits and merits owing to your Guru devotion.”

Verse 38 – Guru Devotion “Your life shall be offered to the Guru. Your wealth, including your children and wife, shall be offered to the Guru with the purpose of making it willingness. What mentioned as wealth like gold and silver shall be offered to the Guru.”

Verse 39 – Guru Devotion “The path to attain Buddhahood is difficult even though when somebody spend their whole life performing the dana paramita, there is no guaranteed of the attainment. Because of the toughness in attainment liberation mentioned as moksha. This path towards Buddhahood that given by the Guru to your life now , is the great grace granted to you. Thus, do not resist, obstruct and oversight in your mind offering your life, children and wife to the Guru.”

Verse 40 – Liberation (Moksha) in Your Hand “By using Samaya, now you are the Buddha. You have attained the Buddhahood, you are liberated.”

Verse 41 – Bliss being Initiated (Abhiseka) “Peace in your mind. You are initiated (abhiseka) by all the Tathagatas. Your initiated abhiseka to be received is the Cakrawati-abhiseka.”

Verse 42 – Closer to Nirvana “You have defeated the Mara. Till you reach Nirvana, you will attain liberation (moksa) now. Peace in your mind. Do not worry.”

Verse 43 – Guidance in Spiritual Path “Strengthen your confidence, mind towards the path of Mantrayana Mahayana. Kept your Samaya strongly. Because it resulted in highest bliss. For attaining the Buddhahood is equal to all Tathagatas, thus, preserver to kept the Samaya now. Practise the Mantrayana Mahayana. Do not be slackened. And sincerely remember that till you reach the ultimate benefit which is the liberation that you attained.

Thus, the Sang Hyang Kamahayanikan Mantrayana is completed.