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The Staircase Ascending to Khechara

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The Staircase Ascending to Khechara A Praise in Accord with the Arrangement of the Realm of Holy Naro Khechari, By Ngorchen Khonchog Lhundrub (1497-1557) Om Svasti! With the highest of praise from all conquerors and sons, to the dwelling of innumerable dakinis, the great celestial palace of the supreme Vajra Queen; with devotion I pay homage to the Realm of Khechara. Ascending in a direction high above here, in the middle of a ground strewn with rubies, completely constructed of jewels in every direction; to that special sublime Realm I pay homage.

In the middle of that, well made from the five gems, is the great celestial palace of the powerful Khechari, with four sides, four doors, lintels, three floors and a pinnacle; to that, with a vajra peak, I pay homage. In the middle of the celestial palace are two dharmakaras - stacked. Above a lotus, sun, Bhairava and Kalaratri, is my ishtadevata - Vajrayogini, blazing with the marks and examples; I pay homage.

With one face, two hands and three eyes gazing upward, beautiful with a curved knife in the right, skullcup in the left, and a katvanga on the left shoulder, beautiful with the five mudras; I pay homage. Inside the dome of the upper celestial palace, is the great guru Naropa, Tsewa Che, The Lord of Dharma Tsarchen and the like; to the beautiful host of lineal gurus, I pay homage. Atop the palace is the root guru, non-differentiated from the Family Lord - Buddha Vajradharma, with a body red in colour, holding to the heart a vajra and bell; To the gathered essence of the Three Refuges, I pay homage.

In the courtyard and surroundings of the celestial palace, are a host of viras and dakinis - moving in the sky, all dwelling like a gathering of massive clouds, thinking of me with love; I pay homage.

Therefore in all my lifetimes, relying closely on Vajrayogini, the basis and supported all together; Until enlightenment, with devotion I go for refuge. Presenting an ocean of offering clouds, outer, inner, and secret, with body, speech and mind, confessing every sin and fault, verbally rejoicing in all the merit of Noble Beings, the turning of the Dharma Wheel of the Supreme Vehicle I encourage. I request you remain and not dwell in nirvana. Dedicating the merit accumulated to the highest great enlightenment. Beginning from this day forward, in all lifetimes, I request Vajra Queen, closely guard [me].

Mistress of the Khechara Realm - outer yogini, Letter VAM of the heart - inner yogini, union of clarity-emptiness - ultimate yogini, recognizing self, may I ascend to Khechara. At the time of the illusion of the great being, the support of life, to that one complete refuge, Mistress of Khechara, smiling, with the sounds of melodious song and music; to that pure realm I pray lead me. (The praise in accord with the arrangement of the realm of Holy Khechari, 'The Staircase Ascending to Khechara,' was written by Chatral Lhundrub at the exhortation of those demonstrating intelligence and possessing undivided faith in the Vajra Queen. May this be of Benefit to limitless beings).