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Guru Rinpoche medicine Buddha(Tibetan: Ogyen Menlha)

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As Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava has prophesied that in this Dark Age of degeneration, 3/4 of the world will be emptied by black epidemics.

In the 7th century Guru Rinpoche also prophesied that many epidemics like SARS, Bird Flu etc will occur and right now we are affected by the H1N1 infection. We never know what kind of disease will come next. Hence to save from all these kind of disease and misery we should have devotion to Guru Padmasambhava or Ogyen Menlha (Guru Rinpoche Medicine Buddha) with confidence they can help and save us, He who is the protector to the helpless.

From: H. E. Tulku's Ngon-Dro Teaching Text Book

Fifth Uncommon Preliminary Practice

Receiving the blessings through the Guru Yoga Practice

The root text says,

In the space above in front of one, imagine in the midst of rainbow lights
Resides the root guru Throetreng Tsal (The One who wears a skull garland-Guru Rinpoche)
Encircled by an ocean of vidyadharas--Awarness Holders of the Three Lineages
Think that He is in nature the essence of all the objects of refuge
Recite the Seven-Line Prayer and later the Vajra Guru Mantra
The meaning of the mantra is as follows:
Before the existence of Guru
There is not even the name of Buddha
Even the Buddhas of the thousand Kalpas
Came into being by relying on a Guru
Even the Lord Buddha said,
When the final Five Hundredth cycle comes,
I will miraculously come in the form of Guru/Teachers
And will benefit you and others.

As mentioned above, both the sutra and tantra teachings, the Guru is shown in nature to be the Buddha.

Here, the Guru Yoga practice follows thus,

In the space in front of you, in the midst of rainbow light, visualize your Guru in the form of the Great Acharya Padmasambhava, who is the gathering of all the objects of refuge. The Lotus Born Vajra (Guru Rinpoche) is free from the cycle of birth, death and old age and has a white complexion with pinkish hue wearing brocade and the three robes of a monk. He has one face and two hands, the right hand holding a Vajra at the heart, the left holding a skull cup upon which rests the vase of immortality. He wears the lotus hat and in the cleft of his left hand, he holds a trident symbolizing his consort, the mother of bliss and emptiness. Guru Rinpoche resides surrounded by rainbow light, encircled by the gurus of the three lineages, the mind transmission lineage of the Buddhas, the symbolic lineage of the Vidyadharas and the hearing lineage of the yogis. Visualize these clearly and think that Guru Rinpoche is the condensed embodiment of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three times and ten directions, the sole object of refuge. With such conviction and visualization, recite the seven-line prayer of Guru Rinpoche and also the Vajra Guru Mantra as much as possible.

Some people wrongly think that the Seven Line Prayer is being composed after the birth of Guru Rinpoche. This is not the fact. Actually, all the Buddhas of the three times and the ten directions uttered the Seven Line Prayer unanimously. So, it is a Vajra word of all the enlightened beings and not just conventionally composed by some scholars.

Ogyen Menla is the Buddha of wisdom, longevity, Medicine and so on. Hence he is the combined essence of all the Buddhas. Therefore, whosoever with great conviction and faith recites this prayer will be freed from the miseries brought on by diseases, evil spirits in this life. If we skillfully supplicate Guru Rinpoche, in future lives we will be born in the Glorious Lotus Light Copper Colored Mountain paradise (Tib; Zang-Dog Pal-Ri), the pure realm of Guru Rinpoche. Such are the manifold benefits of reciting this prayer.

Particularly, Guru Rinpoche has prophesied that in this degenerate era, so called 'modern times' -- when the thoughts and actions of beings go astray from the virtuous path of holy dharma -- diseases, famine, warfare, and strife will befall. The inner and outer elements of nature will become unbalanced, giving rise to diseases never known before, diseases like Ebola, AIDS, Hepatitis A, B & C, SARS, Bird Flu, H1N1 Flu, new kinds of Cancer, and others which will come in the future. Furthermore, he has predicted that one-fourth of the human populace on this earth will perish due to the occurrence of eighteen different kinds of infectious diseases. Similarly, he has also foreseen a time in the future when the world will be plagued by cattle diseases, epidemics, negative influences of planets, Nagas, Gods and spirits, and elemental spirits, failures of crops due to drought, frost bite and hailstorms, war and conflict, floods due to heavy rainfall, tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoon, volcanoes, forest fires, and fires that destroy villages, cities and towns.

Thus, whenever the destructive forces of the four elements occur, whosoever prays to Guru Rinpoche with unshakeable faith, Guru Rinpoche himself has promised that he or she will not be affected by these destructive forces of nature and will be saved.

With such conviction and visualization, recite the seven-line prayer of Guru Rinpoche and also the Vajra Guru Mantra as much as possible.

The Seven Line Prayer

In the northwest of the land of Uddiyana,
On a blooming lotus flower,
You have attained supreme, wondrous siddhi.
You are renowned as Padmakara,
Surrounded by your retinue of many dakinis.
We practice following your example.
Please approach and grant your blessings.

Essence Mantra is:

The meaning is Lotus Born Vajra Guru who is the embodiment of the three enlightened bodies, may you bless me with the common and supreme spiritual attainments!


Lord Buddha prophesied the Great Acharya Padmasambhava when he was about to pass away. The prophecy read thus:

After my passing away
When one hundred and twelve years have passed
In the island of Lake Danakosha
A person greater than me will come
In the Sutra called Extensive Wisdomt says,
In order to criticize the eternalistic view, I passed away
In order to criticize the nihilistic view, I appear forty-three years (after the parinirvana of Lord Buddha)
In the island of Dana Kosha, upon a lotus flower
Having attained the wonderful spiritual attainments, I will become a King's son
The Inconceivable Sutra further says,
Due to the fortunate and marvelous activities
Of the Buddhas of the three times, their embodiment
(Appears) on the wonderful lotus flower
In the form of an awareness-holder
In the tantra called Penetration of Sound,
After my passing away
In the Western Land of Oddiyana
In the Dana Kosha Lake, on a lotus
(Will appear) a son without a father called Vajrahe
Who will hold the teachings of the sublime masters
In the Secret Tantra of Dakini, it says,
In the middle of the kalpas
In the midst of the ten sacred places of Heruka
I will appear in the form of an awareness-holder
And will become the master holder of tantra teachings
In the Manjusrinamasamgiti, it is said,
The Glorious Buddha born out of a lotus
Holding the treasure of enlightened wisdom
Assuming different manifestations of king and so on
Great Buddha, holder and the King of Mantras

As shown in many sutras and tantras, Lord Buddha has prophesied that Guru Rinpoche is inseparable from him and accepted to be his own manifestation. Therefore, without wavering from the enlightened mind of Buddha Amitabha, the Vajra speech embodiment of all the Buddhas of the three times, Guru Rinpoche appeared from Amitabha's unceasing expressive power of compassion taking various miraculous emanations through which he benefited all sentient beings.

As shown in Pema Kathang, it is clear that, Guru Rinpoche, through the three ways of looking, from the HRI syllable at the heart of Dharmakaya Buddha Amitabha, emanated a five-pointed golden Vajra, which rested upon the lotus in the milky lake of Danakosha situated in the North Western part of Oddiyana, giving birth to Guru Rinpoche miraculously. Later he was invited as the son of King Indrabodhi. Gradually, in the eight charnel grounds and the twenty-four tantric sites, Guru Rinpoche displayed varied virtuous activities leading to the eight different names respective to each activity. In this world, he generally illuminated the general teachings of Lord Buddha and particularly, the Vajrayana teachings and also benefited many beings and brought happiness to many beings like the rays of sun, before finally departing to the South West Land of Cannibals. If Guru Rinpoche has not gone to that land of Rakshasas, there was a great danger of human beings being attacked and consumed by the cannibals. So, through Guru Rinpoche's tantric prowess, he subdued them by liberating their king and assuming as the King of the Rakshasas, named Thoetreng Tsal.

He is beyond the cycle of birth, death, and old age and he is more powerful in spiritual activities than the other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The reason behind this is that he is the combined essence or the collective embodiment of the power of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three times and ten directions. Moreover, he is not born from a mother's womb and deliberately came to this world to tame the beings of this degenerate age. Hence his compassion and activities excel all the other Buddhas.

Guru Rinpoche himself has promised that whoever has faith in him; he will be next to that person for protection. Especially if one pray to Guru Rinpoche on the Tenth day of each Tibetan Month, he has gave a word that he will come personally on that day. In essence, the Buddhas of the three times are inseparable with Guru Rinpoche. This is being supported by this proclamation made by Guru Rinpoche,

"The Great Vajradhara residing in the Densely Arrayed Realm of Akanistha,
The Great Sage, Lord Buddha residing in Bodh Gaya,
Both of them are inseparably complete in me."

Again, he further says,

If you see me, you see all the Buddhas,
If you accomplish my state, you will accomplish the state of all Buddhas
I am the condensed essence of all the Buddhas.
Thus, other than Guru Rinpoche, there is no supreme object of refuge in this and next lives.

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