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The Cundi Dharani spoken by the Mother of Seven Kotis Buddhas

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Tang Dynasty, India, Tripitaka master Amoghavajra translated from Sanskrit to Chinese by royal decree. Bhiksu Thich Vien Duc translated from Chinese to Vietnamese. As I have heard at one time, the Bhagavate was in the Great city at Jetavana forest, in the garden of Anathapinkdik, together with the community of Bhiksus, Bodhisattvas, Devas, heaven dragons and the eight groups of the Pantheon who encircled him on sides. Out of compassion for sentient beings in the future that will have little blessings and full of bad karma, he entered into Cundi Samadhi (profound concentration) and spoke on the Dharani that had been given in the past by Cundidevi Dharani Buddha (the mother of seven Kotis of Buddhas. One koti= 1 million years) in the past.

It is: Na Mwo, Sa Dwo Nan, San Myau San Pu Two, Jyu Jr Nan, Da Jr Two, Nan, Je Li Ju Li Jun Ti, Swo Pe He.

 By reciting this Dharani 900,000 times at home or in the monastery will have eliminated all the sins from countless past lives such as, the ten cruel acts, the five serious offenses, the four major offenses, and the five sins that result in continuous torment in hell. He will meet the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas wherever he is reborn. He will be rich and may enter monkhood. If this person cultivates at home, and diligently keeping the Bodhisattvas precepts, by reciting this Dharani, he will be reborn in heaven.

If born as a human, he will often be the king. He will not fall as prey for wild beasts. He will be surrounded by sages and saints, be loved and supported by divinities. If he conducts business he will not have any difficulties. If he leaves home to cultivate the Bodhisattva's Way, keeping the precepts and praying three times a day, he will achieve all his wishes and gain full wisdom. He will easily attain the rank of supreme right knowledge in his lifetime. After completing ten thousands Dharani recitations, in his dream, he will see Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

He will see himself throwing up black matter or black rice (black rice represents bad karma; this means the elimination of sins and the start of having blessings). If his sins are very serious, then after completion of twenty thousands Dharani recitations, he will see paradise, or the temple (meaning one is a saint), or himself going up the mountain or on a tall tree (going up means he is not tied down by karma) or taking a bath in a great pond (elimination of the dusts of sins and purification of the body), or flying high in the sky (absence of karma renders the body weightless.)

He can also see himself enjoying pleasures with the heavenly women (mutual enjoyment due to the ability of maintaining the corresponding good root). He may see someone lecturing the Dharma that benefits him and fills him with joy. He may see his hair being pulled out, or his head being shaved (it is the custom of the infidels countries in the West (Hindu) and it represents the uprooting of worries), or he is eating rice with milk and drinking holy water (symbolic of the achievement of good deeds in the world, and of achieving and receiving a Dharma status out of this world). He may see himself crossing a big river, or ocean (end of sorrows). Or he is ascending to a lion seat (achieving the rank of Dharma King), or seeing a Bodhi tree (the form of the Dharma), or getting in a boat (boat of Wisdom to reach the shore of liberation). From Susiddhikara Sutra: Or to see lions, elephants, buffalos, deers or geese, all are the symbols of achievement.

To see a monk means one is getting out of the three realms and the world's pollution. To see an Upasaka (a lay worshipper) covering his head with white or yellow dress (white is peace, yellow is truth) means one is using the peaceful right doctrine to protect and to assist. Seeing the sun and the moon means the destruction of ignorance, sorrows, and darkness. Seeing young innocent boys and girls means one is not tainted with lust and sorrows.

Milky fruits on a tree (white represents good deeds) mean achieving good rewards from the good deeds as one renounces the world. Fighting with a black man that has blazing fire coming out of his mouth and winning means that ones conquers the ghosts of anger and sorrows. A hippopotamus or wild horse comes charging on the practitioner but runs away because of his shouts means that one conquers the sorrows of stupidity. Eating rice, porridge, fresh or cooked milk means that one gets the highest blessings from his good deeds.

Seeing a Tomana flower, or kings means that one will get support from noble men and gain respect from all his actions. If the practitioner does not have any of the above dreams, it is understood that this person has committed the five sins of Avichi Hell then he has to recite the Dharani up to 700,000 times. Upon completion he will have the above dreams to know that his sins are eliminated and that he has acquired the virtue of an Immortal (or Seer-Rishi).

Afterwards, paint and draw a statue of Cundi Buddha. Then perform offerings three, four or six times a day according to the Dharma teaching of this world. One will achieve successes in this world, as well as attaining the unsurpassed realization. One who practices this Dharani should know that achievements are in the near future. To know if the country will have disasters or not, or if one's achievement will be coming sooner or later, do the following at the place of worship. Use gomaya (cow’s dung) to build a small altar and make as many offerings as one can afford.

Form the Mudra and recite the Dharani. Direct the Mudra towards the ten directions. Put a vase filled with perfumed water on the altar; heartily recite the Dharani until the vase starts to move to indicate success. If the vase does not move, it means failure. Another magic: Put a new ceramic bowl covered with perfume on the altar. Heartily recite the Dharani. If the bowl moves, it means success. If it does not move, it means failure. Another magic: To know the future, first build a small altar, get a child with all the marks of blessings to wash himself and put on new clothing. Then recite the Cundidevi Dharani on the incense and rub it on the child's hands. Again, recite the Dharani over a flower and stem seven times and put it in the child's hand. Tell the child to cover his face and to stand on the small altar. Then recite Dharani one time on another flower stem and use it to hit the back of the child's hand twenty one times. Now you can ask the child questions about your fortune and get all the answers from him.

Another magic: Put a mirror on the altar. First recite the Dharani over a flower and stem 108 times. Next recite the Dharani and hit the mirror with the flower and stem once. Letters will then appear on the mirror in answer to the practitioner's questions about his future.

Another magic: To know if something is good or bad, successful or not, recite the Dharani 108 times on the Tomana's perfume. Then rub the back of the right thumb with it while reciting the Dharani continuously. Ask the child to look on the back of the thumb for the image of Buddhas, or Bodhisattvas, or scripts that tell good or bad fortune.

Another magic: If a person has sickness that is caused by demons, recite the Dharani and use the branch of the Casuarina tree, or a handful of the Alang grass to hit his body. He will be healed. Another magic: If a person gets seriously ill, recite the Dharani 108 times and call the name of the patient. Use fresh cow’s milk and perform the ritual of Homa. The cure will be immediate. Another magic: If a baby cries at night, have a female child stand on your right and make her roll a thread and make twenty one knots while you recite the Dharani. Put the knotted thread around the baby's neck and it will stop crying at night.

Another magic: For sickness caused by demons and spirits. First recite the Dharani 108 times while holding the seeds of white cabbage. Next pick up each seed, recite the Dharani once and throw the seed on the person. Do this twenty one times. Evil spirits will run away. Sickness will end.

Another magic: For sickness caused by demons and spirits, use gomaya to rub on a small altar. Use charcoal and rice husk to draw picture of demons on the ground. Recite the Dharani and use the branch of the Pomegranate tree as a rod. The demons will scream and run away. Another magic: For sickness caused by demons and spirits. If the patient cannot come over because of the distance, recite the Dharani 108 times on a branch of the willow, or peach tree, or a flower and stem. Give the branch to someone to take it over to the patient and use it to hit and brush on the patient's body. Demons will run away and the patient will be healed.

Another magic: If a person is bitten by snake, or detained by Dakini (the female goddess) walk around the patient, reciting the Dharani. The person will be saved. Another magic: If a person gets boils and swelling or is bitten by poisonous insects, knead sandal wood mixed with soil, recite the Dharani 7 times, and rub this mud on the boil. The patient will be healed.

Another magic: Reciting the Dharani while walking on the street keeps robbers away. It also guards the person from wild beast attacks. Another magic: If there is argument, lawsuit, or competition, recite this Dharani for quick victory.

Another magic: When crossing deep rivers, or oceans, recite this Dharani to keep afloat, and safe from dragons, ghosts, devils, crocodiles or sharks.

Another magic: If a person is confined or imprisoned, recite this Dharani to get him out quickly. Another magic: If there are diseases in a country, mix sesame oil, rice flour with butter, molasses, and perform the rituals of Homa. All diseases will end and the country will be safe.

Another magic: If one wishes to be wealthy and to have many precious possessions, use a variety of food and perform the rituals of Homa everyday.

Another magic: For someone to feel happy and respect towards you, recite this Dharani while saying the name of that person. Another magic: To have clothing, recite the Dharani. Clothing will be provided.

 Another magic: To wish for anything, recite the Dharani.

Another magic: If one's legs, arms, or joints are painful, recite this Dharani on the hands 21 times, and massage the painful areas. All pain will be gone. Another magic: For malaria and headaches, recite the Dharani on the hands 21 times and massage the painful areas.

Another magic: Make a small platform (small altar). Take a copper bowl filled with ashes of fragrant wood and have a young child put his hands on the bowl while the practitioner recites the Dharani. When the messenger of Buddha possesses the child, the bowl will move. The child will speak and make the Mudra of Samadhi. The practitioner then recites three sets of Dharani and gives the child a soft stone or chalk.

The child will draw on the ground and indicate past and future events, good and bad fortune, the location of misplaced scriptures, the meaning of difficult words, and reveal ritual seals and mantras to the practitioner. Another magic: When confronting with the enemy, write the Dharani on the bark of the flower tree; hang it on a bamboo stick. Ask another person to hold it while the practitioner recites the Dharani. The enemy will be defeated. Another magic: If a woman does not have a son or daughter, write the Dharani on the bark of flower tree using a yellow mixture (taken from the bile of a cow). Have her wear it and she will soon have a baby boy or girl. Another magic: To have the respect from the husband, fill a vase with water, put seven kinds of jewels (gold, silver, jade etc.) inside the vase together with various kinds of wonderful medicinal herbs, five grains, and seeds of white cabbage.

Tie white silk around the neck of the vase and recite the Dharani 108 times. Tell the woman to make the basic Mudra (Cundi Mudra) and hold it on top of her head. Pour water on her head so that she will be loved and respected. Not only that, the baby in her womb will also be safe. Another magic: In every ritual, the practitioner makes the Great Mudra, recites the Dharani at the holy shrine (or tower). After completing sixty thousand times his wish will be fulfilled. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Vajrapani Bodhisattva, Sala Bodhisattva will grant his wishes. He can be king in the palace of Asura, or a Bodhisattva or he can have the elixir of long life. Or he can be loved and respected as a result of his practice of the doctrine. Another magic: Recite this Dharani at the Bodhi Dana, (altar of enlightenment) in front of Maha Caitya (similar to a stupa). One will see the holy monks and hear them.

Moreover, one will achieve monk hood, and be able to walk alongside with the saints as he now has the same rank. Another magic: At the top of the mountain, recite Dharani one hundred billion times. Vajrapani Bodhisattva will take the practitioner together with 560 persons to the palace of Asura where the practitioner will live one lifecycle. He will see Maitreya Bodhisattva and hear his lecture on the right doctrine, which enables him to be certified to the position of an unregressing Bodhisattva. Another magic: On Vipola mountain in the country of Magadha (it is also written: on any high mountain) stand in front of the tower of Sarica or its sculpture and recite the Dharani and offer incenses and flowers according to one's capacity. One should beg for food to nourish his body. From the 1st through the 15th lunar days, recite the Dharani.

When 300,000 recitations were reached, one should not eat one day and one night and should increase one's offerings. At the end of the night, Vajrapani Bodhisattva will come and take him to the palace and show him the door of Asura’s cave. He will enter the cave where he obtains the holy elixir of Heaven. He will live as long as the sun and the moon. Another magic: Walk around the precious stupa that came from heaven at San Dao Bao Jie (Three Precious Steps) and beg for food. It is said that the steps are made of gold, silver and lapis lazuli and that Buddha stepped on them as he came down to this world.

Recite the Dharani one hundred billions times. Bodhisattva Ajitasena will appear and teach him the wonderful doctrines, and show him the way of superior enlightenment. The goddess mother Avalokistesvara will bring him into her palace and give him a longevity potion, which will rejuvenate him and enable him to become a righteous person, someone worthy of celebration. Furthermore, he will receive hidden treasure; he will become a great man; his work will largely benefit the Triple Jewels; all the Bodhisattvas will comfort him and show him the right Dharma to attain full enlightenment. Another magic: for a person who does not have good root or the seed of awakening, and does not even cultivate the virtue leading to awakening, just one recitation will produce the seed of awakening and will improve with constant recitation.

 Sapta-Koti Unique Dharma

 In the Tang Dynasty, Subhakarasimha Tripitaka master translated from Sanskrit to Chinese, monk Hien Chon translated from Chinese to Vietnamese. This is the collection of twenty-five sets of Great Destiny Trala Mudra of Cundi special Dharma. Left hand index finger, ring finger and little finger bent towards the palm and left thumb press on the nails of those three fingers. The same with the right hand, so that the two middle fingers are straight and touching each other. Recite the Cundi Dharani 7 times. Connecting All Frontiers Mudra: Left and right hand opposite each other; the middle finger, the ring finger bent in the palms.

The little fingers are straight, the forefingers are straight, touching each other, and both thumbs press on the middle phalanx of the forefingers. Recite the Cundi Dharani 21 times, then 21 times of the Dharani Om Xi Lam. Self-protection Mudra: Hands are joined, the index fingers are crossed, and the thumbs touch the base of the index fingers. The ring fingers and the little fingers are straight. When confronting with thieves form this Mudra and raise it to the head, then down both shoulders, chest and up in between the eyebrows. This will keep them from doing harm. Healing Mudra: The forefingers and middle fingers bent in the palms in criss-cross. The thumbs touch the forefingers. The ring fingers and the little fingers are straight and opposing each other. Total Gathering Mudra: Cross both little fingers and ring fingers and bend in the palms. The middle fingers are straight and touching each other.

The index fingers are slightly bent and away from each other. The thumbs press on the ring fingers. To invoke deities, form the same Mudra but with the thumbs touching each other to make the hands look like the lotus seat. Recite the Cundi Dharani seven times. Apply the Mudra on the shoulders, the face, in between the eyebrows, on the hair, down to the chest and recite the Cundi Dharani 108 times. The Destroying the Heaven Ghosts Mudra: On each hand, bend the thumb in the palm and press the other four fingers on it. When suspecting the presence of ghosts, ferocious dragons, form this Mudra and recite the Cundi Dharani.

Asuras Invitation Mudra: On each hand, the middle finger presses on the thumb. All other fingers are straight like elephant tusks, with the index and little fingers slightly curved. Move the hand back and forth on the altar while reciting Cundi Dharani 7 times. All the Asuras will come over. The Buddha said: This Dharani and its corresponding Mudra can erase the ten sinful acts, the five sins, all serious crimes, and enable one to realize all the doctrines and earn good merits. There is no difference in the achievement of a monk or a lay worshipper. Even if the lay worshipper is not a vegetarian or a celibate, he is not considered impure. He only has to practice my Dharma to achieve good result.

The Quintessence of Secret Buddhism:

The Five Essential Dharanis
The Dharani: Um Lam (or just Lam) If one thinks of or recites this word Lam of the pure dharma realm, it will purify all karmas, root out all sins and accomplish all actions. Whether in the countryside or in the home, all things will be peaceful. Dirty clothing and body are purified. Using water to clean will not achieve such purity. The word Lam of the dharma realm is to purify, and that is why Lam is called a vase of purification. It is compared to a magic pill. It changes iron to gold. One word of the Dharani can change pollution into purity. Consider this verse:

RA has the color of pure white

Above RA is a solemn circle
(The Sanskrit word RA with the circle above it changes it into the word LAM)
Similar to a pearl on the crown
The Dharani goes with the dharma Innumerable sins are eliminated.

This word should be used when in contact with filthy materials. The Lotus Dharma says: “When in contact with filthy things, visualize the word of Dharma realm on the crown emitting a red light. That is the world Lam.” (If the conditions for bathing and changing into new clothes are missing due to lack of water and clothing, use Lam to create a pure environment. However, if the conditions are proper and one does not wash and change into clean clothing, using the word Lam in the purification rituals is laziness and shows disrespect. How can blessings be given, sins eliminated and wishes fulfilled for such behavior?

If ones follows the Dharma instruction, first wash and put on clean clothes, then use the Dharani to further purify the environment, so that cleanliness is from inside and outside, then all his wishes will soon be fulfilled.) Manjusri's one word Dharani: Um Xi-Lam The Sanskrit: Um Xi-Lam Xi-Lam can be written with two, three or four syllables. According to Yi Jing it has four syllables. These four words join together to make one Sanskrit word. Because the Sanskrit language is not yet understood, it is difficult to reach its mystery, and its true effectiveness. One word of this king Dharani has unimaginable power. In The Dharma of One Word Dharani of Mansjuri, Buddha told the Devas:”You must know that this Dharani is the great king among all the Dharanis; it has great supernatural power. If a faithful son or daughter recites it often, Mansjuri Bodhisattva will come to help them. They will see

Manjusri (Tibet)
Wen Chu (China)
Monju (Japan)

Mansjuri Bodhisattva and other good signs either awake or in their dreams. The Dharani can invite even the Bodhisattva Mansjuri to come over let alone inviting the sages and saints in this world or out of this world. This Dharani effectively eliminates all the sins in the group of the five heinous acts, the ones in the four- degradation group and the ones in the Ten Cruel Acts. This Dharani is the winner among other Dharanis in and out of this world. This Dharani is the heart of Buddhas that fulfill all wishes. Without having to complete all rituals, the Dharani grants all wishes. If the person vows to attain superior enlightenment, one recitation will bring about self-protection. Two will protect his companion. Three will protect the members of the family. Four will protect of the people in the city. Five will protect the people in the country.

Six will protect the people in the world and seven will protect the people in the four worlds. Recite this Dharani once when washing the face every morning will make others happy upon seeing the practitioner. It is also said that: To help a person possessed by Headless Demons, rub the patient's face with one's hand and recite Dharani 108 times. Make an angry face to frighten the demon; then use the 'Original Birth' Mudra with the left hand (thumb bent in the palm, other four fingers holding the thumb, (similar to the 'destroy heaven ghost Mudra), and yell with eyes closed; Continue reciting the Dharani and rubbing the patient. This will cure him. To cure sickness caused by all kinds of Demons, recite the Dharani focusing on the right hand, burn benjamin scent, form the

Original Birth Mudra with the left hand, then rub the head of the patient with the right hand. To cross those areas populated with lions, tigers, poisonous snakes or pirates, one must be pure in body and heart; one must not eat food containing the five spices, liquor and meat. One must extend compassion towards all living beings, and recite heartily the Dharani forty nine times. All demonic appearances will vanish, and even when one encounters any, it will be a joyful event.

It is hard for people in one lifetime or in many lifetimes to hear about the name of the Dharani, so much harder to see and practice it diligently. This Dharani protects people in this lifetime and in future lifetimes. It makes them the relatives of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Therefore, this Dharani must be treated with respect and absolute faith, knowing that it is not easy to know about it. Only some of the great power of the Dharani is mentioned in the sutras. It is impossible to include all in this book.

Six Letters Dharani of Great Wisdom:

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum
Sanskrit writing of the Dharani:

From the Precious Solemn King Sutra: When Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara spoke about this Great Dharani, the fourcontinents and the heavenly palaces trembled; waves raised high in the ocean; maleficent ghosts ran away in fear. Buddha told Obstacle Elimination Bodhisattva that the six letters of this great Dharani are very hard to obtain. It prevents all defilements such as greed, anger and stupidity. If carried in the body it prevents illnesses from three kinds of contagious diseases.

This Dharani has countless favorable responses. It is difficult for the Buddhas themselves to know about it, let alone the Bodhisattvas. This is the fine and wonderful heart of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. When someone recites this Great Dharani, innumerable Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Deities and Heaven Dragons of the eightfold division gather around him. He and his seven generations will be liberated. Even the worms in his belly will achieve the rank of Bodhisattva. If carried on the body, or on the crown, he will appear as the Diamond Body Buddha to others.

If recited as instructed by the Dharma, he will have great eloquence. He practiced the six perfections daily and his merits are thus full. If his breath touches anyone, that person will be liberated and will soon achieve unmatched awakening. If he touches someone with his hand or looks at any beings or non-beings, they will soon achieve Bodhisattva rank. Such a person will forever escape the miseries of birth, aging, sickness, and death. Buddha also said: “I could count the existing dust particles and I even know how much water there is in the great seas. However if a person recites this Great Wisdom Six Letters Dharani once, I could not count his merits. By reciting the Dharani once, his merits are exactly the same as all the merits of men and women in the four great continents that are certified to the seventh position of a Bodhisattva.

If one writes or copies this Great Wisdom Dharani, it is equivalent to the writing and copying of eighty four thousand scriptures. The merits and virtues acquired are unimaginable. Even if a person uses the precious needle from heaven to build countless Buddha's statues his merits are still not equal to copying one word of the Dharani once. The reward from such merits is unthinkable. That person will receive one hundred and eight samadhis happiness. If a person recites the Dharani just once, all the Buddhas will offer him clothing, food, medicine, furniture and everything else for his comfort. This wonderful dharma has a supreme position in the Great Vehicle system.

Upon hearing the Dharani, all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas pay homage to it. At the time when this Six Letters Dharani was spoken there were seven hundred billion Buddhas reciting the Chun Ti Sapta Koti Dharani. Therefore, it must be understood that the Six Letters Dharani are the same as the Chun Ti Dharani. One can recite either or both Dharanis to get the above-mentioned merits. The complete instructions on the rituals of Dharani recitations and altar rituals are not fully presented in this book. Vajrabodhi said: To have liberation from the cycle of birth and death, cultivate yoga meditation on wisdom and virtue. Recite countless Dharanis. Picture the mind as a well-defined round moon that is bright and serene. Picture the word Om in the center of the rotating moon. Picture the word Zheli, Zhuli,

Zhunti Suo Po Ou in front and rotating to the right in an endless circle. Contemplate the meaning of each word and keep focusing on it without error.

Display of Sanskrit Letters

In the Chi' Ming' book of rites: Letter Om belongs to Vairocana.
Letter Zhe belongs to Great Wheel Wise King
Letter Li belongs to Great Anger King or Horse Head Wise King
Letter Zhu belongs to Four-Arms Buddha
Letter Li belongs to Amogha-pasa or Avalokitesvara
Letter Zhun belongs to Da Zun Na Bodhisattva
Letter Ti belongs to Diamond Bodhisattva
Letter Suo Po belongs to Bodhisattva Yi Ha Nuo Zha
Letter Ou belongs to Vajra Hayagriva Bodhisattva

 Thoughts on the meaning of the root-word These nine holy Sanskrit letters create all other words. Therefore, they are called the mother of words. It is called the seed syllable because it gives rise to a meaning and upholds it. The first letter is the seed syllable; the rest belongs to imagination leading back to the first letter. If the mysterious gate of the letter Om is understood, all the endless Buddhas doctrine will also be realized.

One will understand that all the doctrines are not born, that one doctrine covers all as one letter contains all the meanings. From the realization that doctrines are not created comes the realization that all doctrines are Non-Existent. As the doctrine became reality, it has no beginning and no ending. Once all the doctrines are realized, there will be no more speeches, and no more lectures. The Dharma's nature is impartial like the rain falling down equally on everything. Each letter has to be thoroughly analyzed before all virtues and vows can be completed.

Om represents the Three Bodies and implies that all dharmas are not created. From Vajrabodhi translation: The gate of OM is a stream that has no beginning nor ending and that is the ultimate meaning of all dharmas. Zhe means all doctrines are not created or destroyed. From Vajrabodhi translation: Zhe means that all dharmas have no action. Li means no achieving of any Dharma. Zhu means no birth, nor death of all doctrines. From Vajrabodhi translation: The word Zhu means all dharmas have no beginning. Li means that all dharmas have no pollution. Zhun means that all dharmas have no ranking. Ti means that all dharmas have no holding. Suo Po means the unspoken concept of equality. Ou means that all doctrines have no cause.

All dharmas are without cause and without attachments to Nirvana. Because all the dharmas are not created, they are permanent and that is why they cannot be thoroughly understood. Having not been created or destroyed, the dharmas have no pollution, no ranking and no attachments. Without attachments, all doctrines are equal and no words can be used to explain them and thus they have no causes or effects. As such they correspond to perfection. Those are the means to achieve the true realization of the eternal truth in the Dharma realm.

This is the samadhi recitation. Explanation: From knowing that all doctrines are without birth, equal and undifferentiated, one develops the undifferentiated mind and the mind of non-achievement that leads to perfection of virtues. This mind is used to understand the supreme state of Nirvana that is compared to a sea of eternal truths. This state cannot be explained with mere words. It is the Bu Lin realm of wisdom, the experiences of reality and the selfenlightening state of the Buddhas that a regular mind of duality cannot penetrate. The Dharani in one syllable – the Buddha’s Crown Dharani Bu Lin is pronounced as one word and the sound is vibrated. From Amoghavajra translation: Om Bu Lin– three sounds in one. The sound comes from the pharynx and vibrates like the sound of the drum. The Bu Lin sound as written in the old scripture was slightly inaccurate.

Thus, the sound and pitch are very difficult to achieve, only the Sanskrit expert can accomplish it. The basic Rites and Rituals Sutra says: This Dharani can continue the deeds of Buddhism even at the end stage of the Dharma. It supports all Buddha's Sutras. After Buddha went to nirvana, and during the end stage of the Dharma, this One Word of Great Intelligence can help the practitioner be extremely successful. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas also practiced this Dharani because the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas before them have preached it.

If one sincerely recites this Dharani of Great Intelligence all the bad stars from a distance of five yohanas dare not come close, all Atulas run away and all cruel beings dare not harm him. Even the Immortals and the Saints do not come close to him. Reciting the Dharani purifies all bad karmas. One can become invisible to go anywhere; there will never be any obstacles; nothing in or out of this world can harm the person. This Dharani can break all the malefic spells in the world. This Dharani is the crown of all the Buddhas; it is the heart of Mansjuri Bodhisattva who grants fearlessness, safety and happiness to living beings. The Dharani will fulfill the wishes of the practitioner.

It is compared to the precious pearl of Mani that grants everything. If other Dharanis failed to be effective, one should recite this Dharani together with the other ones and success is guaranteed. If this Dharani is not effective the heads of all Deities of this Dharani will be broken into seven pieces. It should be known that this Dharani helps one practice successfully all other Dharanis in a short period of time. VIII. Collection of Sacred Yantras Here are the Yantra of the precious set (Lu Ban Yantras in Chinese Secret Buddhism).