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Ancient Chinese meditation

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Chinese Meditation

One of the earliest forms of meditation was the ancient Chinese meditation, and includes Taoist meditation, wuji qigong and Chi Gun. Chinese meditation has been practiced for many years and it has been found highly effective, even today, for relaxing the mind and body and bringing people to a state of rumination. While it can be practiced both sitting or standing, this type of meditation lends itself to bringing the mind to a time on contemplation and reflection.

While Chinese meditation has been popular in the East for thousands of years, it is only in the past 10-20 years that it has begun to rise in popularity in the West. While today there are many different areas of thought when it comes to meditation, Chinese meditation is quite popular and used both on it’s own and with other forms of meditation as well. Chinese meditation focuses on harmonizing the body, the breathing, and the mind, until the entire being is in a state of meditation by deliberation.

One difference that Chinese meditation has that should be taken into consideration is how it focuses on achieving not only that state of meditation, but also on achieving wisdom by meditating. This type of meditation focuses on the mind and bringing it toan awareness that brings about knowledge, wisdom, and even great control over one’s body. This is quite different from other types of meditation that are used. While other types of meditation, such as Yoga, focus on specific postures to achieve meditation, Chinese meditation focuses more on guiding the mind in a specific direction. Chinese meditation is also deeply involved with the Taoist philosophy and religious practices. This philosophy focuses on learning about the harmony in yourself as well as the harmony that is all around you and focusing on that harmony to achieve knowledge after reflection and contemplation. This type of meditation is more of a way of life than a certain specific practice or position that leads to rumination. Chinese meditation focuses on a life of deliberation and thought that leads to harmony and knowledge.

Chinese meditation is used as a road that leads to more spiritual knowledge and awareness. The goal of this type of meditation is to fully mature as a person and become a person that is relaxed and fully aware of themselves and the world around them. It is also a type of meditation that encourages you to try to connect to your inner soul and to find out who you really are and what lies deep within you. This type of meditation is very unique and very old, and while many prefer a type of meditation that calls for specific exercises and positions, this type of meditation is excellent for connecting you to yourself and helping you with self discovery. Chinese meditation is an excellent way of consideration and reflection that will allow you to better know yourself and the world around you.

By Mary Jones