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The Master of Buddhist Studies degree (MBS) programme is a coursework programme offered by the Centre of Buddhist Studies (CBS) of The University of Hong Kong. The degree is awarded through the Faculty of Arts. English is the medium of instruction except for a selected few classes. Students must be proficient in spoken and written English to be considered for enrolment in addition to other academic requirements.

The programme is intended for teachers, psychologists, social workers and counsellors who want to study how Buddhist teachings add a new dimension to the science of human psyche and how they are applied to their daily work. It is also for individuals who are interested in the philosophy of life and want to study Buddhism and its practice as a means for spiritual development in a comprehensive and scientific way.

We are in a time with prosperous culture and advanced technology which particularly coincides to a musingly freaky time of blended dragon and snake (good and evil). In terms of Buddhism, reality distinctly shows that people struggle to understand the layer definition of the greatest Buddhist masters and to know the glorious dress of demon. Immeasurable kinds and insubordinate living beings are submerged in the flood. People are seeking urgently to know where to find true and correct Buddha Dharma and where to find genuine Buddhas. People must be correctly guided by genuine Buddhas and Bodhisattvas or what people see and hear may lead to good becoming evil and bad turning to excellence, otherwise known as the horrible scenes at the ending time of Dharma.

Although this is a tiny website, we hope to provide a path for people to know the genuine Buddhist Masters. In today's world, Dharma kings, Rinpoches, and Dharma teachers are everywhere. These people are introduced as Dharma Kings who are incarnation of Buddha, Rinpoches who are incarnation of Bodhisattva, and Dharma teachers who are re-born from historical masters. Also, we have seen a pair same title Dharma King. Examples of this are a duo of the 17th Karmapa, a duet of the 7th Dzogchen Dharma king, and a twain of the 11th Panchen, etc. Who are the true Dharma Kings? Both gem stone and glass are illuming. How can you tell them apart? Without enough knowledge and manifestation, people may blandly accept the criteria that the Dharma King or Rinpoche with higher reputation may become the right entity. The worse situation is that evils are monstrously mixed within Buddhist team. People are not sure of the genuine path. That's why we, "The Highest Buddhist Masters Today”, carefully research the information, responsibly select and verify the documents with citation, and evaluate the selective information in the huge Buddhism database. Based on our current work, we highly recommend some Dharma Kings and Rinpoches who are incarnation of Buddha and bodhisattvas. This means that the highest true incarnation of Buddha and Bodhisattvas in this world are provided here. We hope this provides the principles for people to seek and pursue the path of Buddha and helps people to intelligently select their Gurus.