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Mother Tantras

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 One of the three main classes of anuttara-yoga-tantras according to the New Transmission lineage in Tibet.typified by the Hevajra and Chakrasamvara Tantras.

Meditative practice (sadhana) based on the Mother Tantras emphasizes the so-called ‘completion-phase of visualization as a means of personal transformation.

A Tantra that principally reveals methods for attaining clear light.

Mother Tantra emphasizing female deities, like yoginis and dakinis.


Mother Tantra practices focus more on clear light mental activity and blissful awareness of emptiness, as the immediate cause for achieving a Buddha's omniscient awareness or dharmakaya.

Mother Tantra, the highest of the tantras in the Bon Buddhist lineage.

The Ma Gyud includes the practices of dream and sleep yogas, tsa lung, the transformation at the time of death, the Chod of cutting attachments.

There are father and mother tantra and non-dual tantra. Kalachakra Tantra is considered a non-dual Tantra and is, in fact, the unsurpassable Tantra.

Heruka and Vajrayogini are the like the King and Queen of the Tantric deities they represent all the greatmother tantra, when you practise Heruka & Vajrayogini you will get all the benefits of Mother Tantric deity practises. Heruka and Vajrayogini practise will generate Bodhicitta and Shunyata realizations.

Mother Tantra: Anuttarayoga Tantra which utilize desire as the path, focus on the luminosity of Buddha-nature.

Examples include Chakrasamvara, tummo [heat/energy generation], and clear light yoga.

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The Mother Tantras (Wyl. ma rgyud) of the Sarma tradition are divided into:

    the Heruka Class, which includes the Chakrasamvara Tantra and Hevajra Tantra;
    the Permanence Class; and
    the Vajrasattva Class, which includes theKalachakra Tantra.

The Mother Tantras are also sometimes categorized in six classes.

bka' bzhi brgyud pa -

1) Four Transmitted Precepts.

2) the lineage of.

3) The transmitted precepts of the Great Seal which descended through Vajrapani.

4) Saraha.

5) Lohipa.

6) Dharikapa.

7) Ding-gi-pa.

8) Tilopa.

9) the transmitted precepts of the Father Tantras which descended through Guhyapati. {sa bcu dbang phyug blo gros rin chen}.

10) Nagarjuna.

11) Matangipa.

12) Tilopa.

13) the transmitted precepts of the Mother Tantras which descended through Sumati Samantabhadri. {thang lo pa, shing lo pa}.

14) Karnaripa, and Tilopa.

15) the transmitted precepts of inner radiance which descended through Vajrapani. Dombi Heruka, Bi-na-sa, Lawapa, Indrabhuti and Tilopa [RY]

rgyud kyi rab tu dbye ba bcu gnyis - Twelve Excellent Divisions of the Unsurpassed Tantras.

See the entries under Six Enlightened Families of the Father Tantras and Six Enlightened Families of the Mother Tantras [RY]

rgyud gsum - 1) Three Kinds of Tantra, According to Mahayoga. or Secret Mantra In General.

Father Tantras {pha rgyud}

Mother Tantras {ma rgyud} and

Nondual Tantras {gnyis med rgyud}.

2) three continua / continuities. comprised of ground, path, and fruition [RY]

thabs kyi pha rgyud dang shes rab kyi ma yi rgyud dang zung jug gnyis med kyi rgyud gsum -

Trio of the Father Tantras of Skillful Means,

Mother Tantras of Discriminative Awareness and

Nondual Tantras of Unity [RY]

ma rgyud - mother class; mother tantra; Mother Tantras. a class of Unsurpassed Yoga Tantra. [subdivision of Anuttara-yoga tantra emphasizing luminosity / 'od gsal [RY]

ma rgyud - Mother Tantra. One of the three aspects of Anuttara-yoga tantra which places emphasis on completion stage or prajna. Sometimes equivalent to Anu Yoga [RY]

ma rgyud rigs drug - six enlightened families of the Mother Tantras [RY]

ma rgyud a nu yo ga -Mother Tantra Anu Yoga [RY]

ma'i rgyud - Mother Tantra [RY]