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Tzu Chi Malaysia

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Taiwanese Entrepreneurial Couple Become Ambassadors of Peace and Humanity

In 1988, a Taiwanese couple,Echo Chien Su Hsia (Buddhist name Ci Lu) and her husband, David Liu Ming Ta (Buddhist name Ji Yu), came to Malaysia with the intention of investing and establishing a factory in Malacca. I

n 1991, Sister Echo Chien returned to Taiwan for a home visit.

She vividly recalled that while waiting for her turn in a beauty salon, she browsed through some magazines and came across Tzu Chi's monthly publications.

She was deeply moved by the good deeds carried out by Tzu Chi and it was then that she realized her personal aspiration of helping the poor. She promptly donated two hospital beds to Tzu Chi (Taipei Branch) and subsequently signed up as a Tzu Chi member.

Leading the Factory Workers to Carry Out the Missions

In August 1992, Brother David Liu and Sister Echo Chien visited Venerable Master Bo-Yuan in Kuala Lumpur.

The Master praised the humanitarian work of Master Cheng Yen.

He encouraged them to take on this noble work and extend these deeds to Malaysia.

A contact number of one of Tzu Chi's members in Malaysia was obtained from the Master.

Thus the door of Tzu Chi was opened for them to propagate the ideals and values of humanitarian work.

For a start, Sister Echo Chien introduced Tzu Chi to her factory workers and encouraged them to join the organization.

They enthusiastically signed up as members.

At the initial stage, they raised funds by sacrificing their lunch breaks to make handicrafts for sale at charity fairs.

Vital Decision Made After Visit to the Birthplace of Tzu Chi

In November 1992, with the encouragement of Sister Ye Ci Jing, Sister Echo Chien visited Tzu Chi Headquarters in Hualien.

There she had the opportunity to understand the true teachings of Master Cheng Yen and her close associates, all of whom adhered strictly to the principle of 'no work, no meals'.

Encouraged by Sister Echo Chien, Brother David Liu led a 22-member team to Hualien on 7 November 1993.

Their arrival and presence were well received by Master Cheng Yen personally.

Brother David Liu was deeply moved by Tzu Chi's serenity; and inspired by Master Cheng Yen's gestures of utmost sincerity, he became a staunch Tzu Chi follower.

He vowed to take on the challenges of spreading the principles and good teachings of Master Cheng Yen.

Upon his return to Melaka, Brother Liu immediately set about organizing and promoting Tzu Chi's activities by utilizing the conference room and samples display room in his factory.

From Scratch to Today's Achievements, Weaving the Tzu Chi Bodhisattva Net

Having been conferred as Tzu Chi Commissioners by Master Cheng Yen in early 1994, Brother David Liu and Sister Echo Chien started their untiring efforts of setting up more Liaison Centers across Malaysia.

From Melaka, the seeds of love spread to Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Muar, Kota Tinggi, Kluang, Tampin, Batu Pahat, Klang, and Kuantan.

This then led to the progressive establishment of more Liaison Centers in East Malaysia, namely, Kota Kinabalu, Tenom, Sandakan, Tawau, Kuching and Miri.

Thus the Malaysian network of bodhisattvas had grown into a sizeable and recognizable organization. The network is still growing today.

Mission's Success Sprouts New Branch in Malaysia

In March 1995, Melaka officially became a Contact Office.

Brother David Liu and Sister Echo Chien were subsequently appointed as commissioners, taking charge of Tzu Chi's affairs in Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.

With utmost confidence, enthusiasm and dedication, coupled with blessings from Master Cheng Yen, Brother David Liu later decided to donate a piece of land adjacent to his factory to Tzu Chi for the purpose of building the Hall of Still Thoughts.

On 21 May 1997, the Melaka Tzu Chi Still Thoughts Hall, the first of its kind in Malaysia, was completed.

Master De Xuan from Hualien was invited to visit Melaka and officiate at the Opening Ceremony, and at the same time, upgrade Melaka's Contact Office to a Liaison Office. In June 1998, Melaka Liaison Office was further upgraded to a Tzu Chi Branch Office.

Master Cheng Yen sent Brother Steven Huang, the Chief Supervisor of Tzu Chi International Affairs, to Melaka for this purpose.

Melaka Branch took charge of Tzu Chi affairs in Central and Southern Peninsular of Malaysia, as well as East Malaysia.

In year 2005, Kuala Lumpur became another Tzu-Chi's branch office.


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