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Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje 1904-1987

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Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje


Dudjom Rinpoche’s Previous Incarnations:

1: Nuden Dorje: tutor of 1000 princes all of whom countless ages ago vowed to attain Buddhahood

2: Sariputra: chief disciple of Shakyamuni Buddha known for his intellectual wisdom.

3: Saraha: poet and yogin, first of the mahasiddhas.

4: Krishnadhara: chief minister of Indrabhuti of Uddiyana

5: Humkara: one of the eight Vidhyadharas; holder of Yang dag thugs from Dakini

6: Kheu Chung Lotsawa: translator and one of Padmasambhava's Twenty-five Tibetan disciples.

7: Smritijnana: one of the Indian Panditas in Tibet.

8: Rongdzom Pandita: scholar and redactor of the Nyingma Kama.

9: Dampa Deshek: founder of Kathog Gompa in Kham.

10: Ling Je Repa: founder of the Drukpa Kagyu school.

11: Chogyel Phakpa: nephew of Sakya Pandita, ruler of Tibet, priest to Kubilai Khan.

12: Drum khar Nagpopa: Khampa yogi who meditated in dark retreat for 18 years.

13: Hewa Chojung: Khampa magician and subjector of enemies of the dharma.

14: Trakthung Dudul Dorje: the Terton who revived Kathog.

15: Gyeltse Sonam Detsen: head of Kathog Gompa.

16: Dudul Rolpa Tsal: yogi, teacher of Jikme Lingpa.

17: Dudjom Lingpa: Dudjom Lingpa: 1835-1904 born in Chagkong in Kham in Gili family of tantrikas; Gili Terton; Phurba terton: known for magical powers and wrathful face.

18: Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, 1904-88.

Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye, who led a life encompassing the activities of one hundred tertons (treasure revealers), has said that Mopa Od Thaye (Dudjom Rinpoche's future incarnation as the last Buddha of this Light Aeon) will have the activity of one thousand Buddhas. That this great being will perform the activity of all his previous lives and have many disciples is all due to his own power of Bodhicitta and prayers.

Rinpoche's Birth

It is said in the prediction of Urgyen Dechen Lingpa:

  • "Now in this degenerate age, go to the secret land of Pema Köd. Whoever relies on me, go in that direction! Before you young ones get there, I the old one will already be there."

Conditions for Rinpoche's Rebirth

Rinpoche's Intensive Studies

It was said by Lama Konrab that at the age of five, he started discovering Ter. When he was eight years old, he began to study Santideva's "Bodhicaryavatara" with his teacher Urygen Chogyur Gyatso, a personal disciple of the great Patrul Rinpoche (A.D.1808-1887). He studied for sixteen years with Za-Pokhung Tulku Gyurme Ngedon Wangpo and had great realizations on the teachings of Dzogpachenpo. From Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro, he received the tantric teachings (Gyud, Lung, and Men-Ngag) of the "Sangwa Nyingthig". He further received Dzogchen teachings from Jedrung Thinley Jampai Jungne (Dudjom Namkhai Dorje) of Riwoche.

  • As he was taught, the power of his awareness blazed like fire. Whatever he learned he could comprehend through a mere indication. He studied many texts and commentaries, such as the Dom Sum, Chod Juk, etc. It is said by Lama Konrab that at the age of five, he started discovering Ter.

He studied for sixteen years with Phuktrul Gyurme Ngedon Wangpo, who was a holder of the teachings of the previous Dudjom. From Khyentse Rinpoche he received the tantric teachings (Gyud, Lung, and Men-Ngag) of the Sangwa Nyingthik as if he were a vessel being filled. He also received the "rediscovered teachings from Gedrung Thinley Jampa Jungne of Riwoche and Gyurme Ngedon Wangpo that he could really understand.

Now as I have obeyed my teacher's orders, likewise use your experience for the sake of beings." His Holiness obtained realization through this. He himself said that while very young he always had various visions, and his karma to discover the deep 'treasures' awoke. At thirteen he met Guru Rinpoche (Yab-Yum) in person, and after having received the legacy of the self-appearing non-human teacher, the wisdom Dakinis gave him the yellow papers and he wrote down Ters.

Rinpoche's Great Realizations

When in Paro Taksang (the Tiger's Nest), he rediscovered the Putri Repung, the Tsokye Thugthig and the Khadro Thugthig, for which he wrote down the main parts. As he was trying to preserve the old Ter, he did not make much effort to rediscover new ones. (At Samye and at Taksang, even though they were there he did not take them.) In short, in all these important holy places where he practiced he always experienced the signs of accomplishment.

Rinpoche's Spreading of the Dharma

He erected anew the tantric center of Lama Ling; at Tso Pema (Rewalsar) he established a retreat center; at Darjeeling, Tsechü Gompa; in Orissa, Dudul Rabten Ling; and in Kalimpong he founded the Zangdok-Palri Monastery. In North America he established many Dharma centers, named Yeshe Nyingpo, as well as many retreat centers; in Europe he established Dorje Nyingpo in Paris and Urgyen Samye Chöling Meditation and Study Center in Dordogne, France. Many other Dharma centers around the world were under his guidance.

Indeed, he was regarded as the living embodiment of Guru Rinpoche and His representative in this time. A master of masters, he was acknowledged by the leading Tibetan Lamas as possessing the greatest power and blessing in communicating the nature of mind, and it was to him that they sent their students when prepared for this "Mind-direct" transmission. Dudjom Rinpoche was the teacher of many of the most prominent lamas active today.

Dudjom Rinpoche's main area of activity was in Central Tibet, where he maintained the Mindroling tradition, and especially at Pema Choling and his other seats in the Kongpo and Powo regions of southern Tibet. In Pemakod, Rinpoche established many new monasteries and two colleges for both Gelong (ordained monks) and Ngagpa (yogis). In the Kongpo region, he reconstructed the Thadul Buchu Lhakhang, and close to it he built anew the monastery of Zangdok Palri. He also erected anew the tantric centre of Lama Ling. Dudjom Rinpoche became renowned throughout Tibet for the brilliance of his spiritual achievements, for his compassionate Bodhisattva activities, as well as for his unsurpassed scholarship.

At Tsopema (Rewalsar), he established a retreat centre; at Darjeeling, Rinpoche established Tsechu Gompa; in Orissa, he founded Dudul Rabten Ling; and in Kalimpong, Rinpoche founded Zangdok Palri Monastery. Near the Great Stupa at Boudhanath, Nepal, Rinpoche erected the Dudjom Gompa. He also actively encouraged the study of the Nyingma tradition at the Tibetan Institute for Higher Studies in Sarnath.

Over the last one-and-a-half-decades of his life, Dudjom Rinpoche devoted much of his time ot teaching in the West where he has successfully established the Nyingma tradition. In his first world-wide tour in 1972, Dudjom Rinpoche visited the centre of his Chinese spiritual representative Lama Sonam Chokyi Gyaltsan in Hong Kong, and also visited London at the invitation of Ven. Sogyal Rinpoche.

Rinpoche's Children and Lineage Holders

Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, Manifested as a householder with family, married twice

Rinpoche's Parinirvana

A Short Introduction of the Dudjom Tersar Lineage by Yeshe Thaye

In any case, the terton himself had done so with a pure intention to benefit all others through his own realizations. For example, there are two important practices on the Khandro Thugthig which was written by Kyabje Chadral Rinpoche that has been included in the Vol.16 of the Dudjom Sungbum by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche himself. Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche had done so when he was still in Lhasa, as he thought this to be most appropriate and beneficial to all sentient beings.

Dudjom Tersar

Dudjom Tersar is the collective name for the large collection of terma teachings revealed by Dudjom Lingpa and Dudjom Rinpoche. As a class of texts, Tersar (gTer gSar) means 'new or recently revealed treasure teachings'. Dudjom Rinpoche was a major terton (wylie: gTer sTon) or treasure revealer of hidden teachings. Dudjom Rinpoche is considered one of the 'Hundred Great Tertons' in the Nyingma lineage.

Most terma are small in scale and major cycles are rare. Those containing many major cycles such as Dudjom Tersar are even rarer historically. The Dudjom Tersar is possibly the most comprehensive suite of terma to be revealed in the twentieth century. Since terma traditionally are considered to be discovered during the time it is most needed, the most recently discovered terma may be the most pertinent to current needs. Recent terma is then considered to 'still have the warm fresh breath of the Dakinis'.

A set of preliminary practices known as Dudjom Tersar ngöndro has to be undertaken by beginners prior to higher initiations. Dudjom Tersar contains different cycles. Some are comprehensive, from beginning instruction through the highest Dzogchen teachings. There are also smaller cycles and individual practices for specific purposes.

There are four major cycles in the "Dudjom Tersar" of Dudjom Lingpa, the first three being Mind Treasures (Wylie: dGongs gTer) and the last one an Earth Treasure (Wylie: wSa gTer):

¦ (a) The "Dagnang Yeshe Drawa" cycle (The Wisdom Nets of Pure Visions), such as the Troma teachings;

¦ (b) The "Maha-Ati Yoga Zabcho Gongpa Rangdrol" cycle (The Profound Teachings on Naturally Self-liberating Enlightened Visions), such as the teachings of Chenrezig;

¦ (c) The "Chonyid Namkhai Longdzo" cycle (the Vast Space Treasure from the Wisdom Sky of the Ultimate Nature), with teachings of Thekchod and Thodgal; and

¦ (d) The "Khandro Nyingthig" cycle.

There are four major cycles in the "Dudjom Tersar" of Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, which are all Mind Treasures (Wylie:dGongs gTer):

¦ (a) The "Tsokyi Thugthig" cycle, for the practices on the outer, inner, secret and innermost secret sadhanas of the Lama;

¦ (b) The "Pudri Rekpung" cycle, for the practices of the Yidam;

¦ (c) The "Khandro Thugthig" cycle, for the practices on the outer, inner, secret and innermost secret sadhanas of the Khandro; and

¦ (d) The "Dorje Drollod" cycle.[18]

(i) The "Thugdrub Sangwai Gyachan" cycle; and (ii)

The "Thugdrub Yeshe Nyima" cycle, both of which are included in the "Khandro Nyingthig" cycle of Dudjom Lingpa. At the same time, there is the cycle of "Namchag Pudri" revealed by Dudjom Lingpa, and the cycle of "Pudri Rekpung" revealed by Dudjom Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, both are of the yidam Dorje Phurba.