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Buddhism saved me where Christianity and Catholicism failed

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I live in the heart of the Southern Bible belt in Arkansas. I was raised a Christian just as everyone else from here, is as well. But I became interested in Buddhism because the Buddhist philosophy is perfectly attuned to my philosophical views as well. But let me share an even more interesting story with you concerning how Buddhism saved me from the evil spirits that had come to me from the lowest astral realm. Both Christianity and Catholicism failed where Buddhism prevailed.

Some time ago I became interested in astral projections and out-of-body experiences. With enough practice, I was able to achieve these encounters with the sole purpose of hoping to communicate with my deceased mother. Little did I know that I had opened a portal just outside my bedroom window (because I mostly traveled out my window during my encounters). Unfortunately, this portal was an opening to the lowest astral realm that contains not just lost souls but evil entities as well.

Gradually, these entities started making communication with me and gave the impression that they were good spirits but lost and in need of help. I found out later that one entity in particular was very evil and wanted to possess my soul. I saw his appearance on occasion and he was a sinister being dressed in a black robe from head to toe. There were four entities all together, but the sinister one (whom I nicknamed "Blackie") was feared by all other spirits because of his strength and power.

But because of my naturally compassionate soul and kind heart, I tried reaching out to Blackie and tried to help him to become a good soul rather than an evil spirit. Blackie confessed to me that no one had ever showed him any kindness and compassion (not to mention he was also impressed by my fearless nature). As a result, Blackie became obsessively in love with me. But Blackie was fearful of not being able to change his ways. He so desperately wanted me in death so he could have me with him in spirit that he began trying to kill me by injecting me with powerful chemicals that made me very ill. Blackie was hell-bent on having me regardless of how he had to achieve his desired goal.

My deceased mother (who is definitely a beautiful soul and one of God's angels) became extremely worried for my safety and finally decided to reach out to God for help. Now, mind you, I had already reached out to Christian churches who offered no solution. They actually treated me as if I was just being delusional. I even went to our local Catholic church and met with a kind priest who took my story very seriously. He gave me holy water and a rosary to wear. Believe it or not, Blackie ripped the rosary from around my neck while I was sleeping and to this day it is still missing.

Getting back to my mother, she was raised a Christian, died a Christian, and held onto her Christian beliefs even in death. She became concerned that I was not a Christian because from watching over me, she knew I had my faith in Buddhism. She even knew about the bumper sticker I had on my car that read "I Think. Therefore I Am A Buddhist." My mother was hugely surprise when she went to "God" to ask for his intervention in order to stop Blackie from harming and possibly killing me and discovered that it was not the Christian God that she had imagine. Guess who she encountered? The spiritual Dalai Lama!!!

My mother couldn't believe that I had been right in my faith and belief towards Buddhism. And guess what? Dalai Lama and Buddha came to my aid and, well, let's just say that Blackie can no longer harm me and that the portal outside my window has now been completely shut off. My mother, a staunch believer in Christianity (especially considering she was raised in the small-town Bible belt) has now become a complete believer in the Buddhist faith. My mother and I can even communicate with each other psychically. She still watches over all her children and grandchildren. And she has complete love and devotion in her heart for Buddha and the Dalai Lama.

Lastly, I just want to add that I can also communicate psychically with the spiritual Dalai Lama and with Buddha. We joke around, laugh, and just have a wonderful time. But we also share ideas and philosophical views about serious issues.

Before ending this post, I want to stress that I am not out to convert anyone to Buddhism or that I'm trying to convince anyone that my experiences are factual. That is not my intention at all. I just wanted to share this experience with others. And to those who do believe me, well, a big thank you as well as a spiritual hug and kiss on the cheek. And to those who don't, I do not care because I know what I experienced and no one can take that away from me. Thanks to all of you who took the time to read this.